Super Aaden

ATTENTION, SUPERHERO FANS: Super Aaden deserves the key to the city for his accomplishments. He certainly has the key to his family’s heart!

Super Mom Shawanda says she first noticed hat Super Aaden’s skills and abilities differed from the conventional milestones when he had trouble learning to walk and talk around the age of 2. Following this, Super Aaden was diagnosed with autism. Ever since, Super Aaden has been achieving his own milestones!

By the age of 5, Super Aaden was learning to walk and talk. In addition to those accomplishments, Super Aaden has also found love and acceptance in his sidekick siblings, Super Bryrihanna and Super Fredrick. 

However, there are still battles ahead for this hero. Some of Super Aaden’s next accomplishments will be combing his hair and mastering other daily grooming skills. Super Aaden also wants to be more accepted by others who may not understand his diagnosis or the superpowers he possesses.

Says Super Mom Shawanda, “Being able to learn the different emotions he felt without fully understanding and trying to communicate without speech…Part of Super Aaden’s journey is being accepted in this world.”

Super Aaden certainly accepts the world as it is. He loves the outdoors! He also loves pizza, spaghetti, and Youtube. 

“He is full of joy every day,” says Super Mom Shawanda. “He is learning to be Super Aaden.”

Congratulations, Super Aaden! You aren’t just learning how to be a superhero–You are a superhero! 

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