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Super Adrina

img_1444We are so excited to introduce you to Super Adrina! She is SUPER indeed, but she is also STRONG, brave and beautiful!

Super Adrina turns 5 years old on November 11! For Super Adrina and her family, a fifth birthday means much more than birthday cake. It means another victory against cancer.

Super Adrina was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor Stage 4 on June 2, 2016.  Wilms Tumor is a mass of cancer cells that grow in the kidney tissue and accounts for 95% of kidney and renal cancers in children under 14.

Her family suspected something was wrong when their sweet Adrina who loves to eat, stopped eating. For about a week she ran a fever and couldn’t eat, even when she felt hungry. A visit to her primary doctor led to an X-Ray, which led to an ultrasound, which led to some of the worst news any parent could ever hear.

The ultrasound revealed a mass that was quickly determined to be Wilms Tumor.

“As soon as I heard that I couldn’t think. I felt like my whole world came crashing down. Then they admitted her for blood work and CT scan. They let us go home the next day on a Friday to let us pack for a week or 2 because Adrina was going to have a major surgery that Monday.” – Raylene, Super Adrina’s mom

So far, Super Adrina has overcome two major surgeries. First they removed the kidney that had the tumor on it. Later she had another surgery to remove scar tissue from the first surgery that was wrapping around her intestines.

Super Adrina is still fighting Wilms Tumor. She has already completed two round of radiation and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

But Super Adrina does not let Wilms Tumor define her. In every way, she is still the same strong-spirited 4 (almost 5) year old! And she is not in the battle alone. Super Adrina has a force behind her that is as committed to beating cancer as she is.

Perhaps most importantly, Super Adrina has an Extraordinary Super Sidekick. Her 9 year old sister, Alana is her best friend. They are so connected. This journey has been really hard on Alana as she watches her best friend be so sick, but she has been an incredible help and strength to their family.

Super Adrina has lost her hair (though certainly not her beauty) and often has to wear a mask in public. Her mom notices people looking at her curiously, and sometimes she wishes they would just ask them about it. While not all families want to be questioned all of the time, I think her mom’s perspective is important to keep in mind.

We are so proud of Super Adrina and so honored to have her and her sidekick sister on our TinySuperhero Squad. We would love your help in showing them that the TinySuperheroes Squad is in this battle with them! 

Be sure to wish Super Adrina Happy Birthday in the comments below and visit them on Instagram: @teamadrina


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  1. Antoinette Materne
    Antoinette Materne says:

    Adrina is truly my hero. At 4 she is courageous and high spirited. I am proud of my whole family on how we have all joined together to help her with this fight.
    Nina loves you with all my heart😍🎗

  2. Grace
    Grace says:

    Happy Birthday, beautiful Adrina! I’m so proud of you and Alana. You are both my superheroes. Hope you have a lot of fun at your birthday party this week. I love you, Auntie Stel.

  3. Rosemary Lemos
    Rosemary Lemos says:

    SuperAdrina is exactly what she is. My granddaughter has gone through so much pain these past months, it’s so unfair , she’s only 4 yrs.old. I had this stuck in my mind , over and over I asked “why my granddaughter ?” And as I saw her looks gradually changing I said to myself “why am I asking why?” What is needed is our faith in God! All that have prayed for our SuperAdrina are a huge support system for my daughter and her family. We’re all looking forward to the day that we get the best news of all that this cancer has left our SuperAdrina ! I love you baby girl ! Keep our faith and prayers coming we’re gonna win the battle! AMEN!!!🙏

  4. Jovita
    Jovita says:

    Adrina u r the sunshine of everyone that u have touch with that beautiful smile. God is doctors of all doctors and he is ur healer because prayers r so powerful. U r a very brave little angel and u r my inspiration love u and happy birthday

  5. Lina
    Lina says:

    My amor is a so brave and so special gramma loves her so much along with her sidekick Alana love my amores 😘😘❤️❤️🙏🏽 Love gramma Lina and I want my super amor to have a great birthday love ya 👧🏽

  6. Susan ( friends with your great aunt Anita
    Susan ( friends with your great aunt Anita says:

    Happy Birthday Pretty Girl Adrina!!! Wishing u a wonderful beautiful day with yr families and friends to Celebrate your Birthday! Enjoy!!

  7. Robert
    Robert says:

    Happy Birthday! To one of the greatest soul the whole world should know about! Thank you for being a great inspiration for everyone, everywhere!

  8. Chere'
    Chere' says:

    Happy Birthday Super Adriana! You have been so brave throughout this whole crazy ordeal! Every time I see you on a picture or in person you are always smiling!😊. You have been so strong and resilient throughout this journey. But I know one day you and your family will finally get God’s final word which will be that, You’re Cancer Free!!!! I continue to pray for you daily Super Adriana! Hugs and Kisses!! See you on Saturday at your party that’s going to be fit for a Super Hero!😘

  9. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    Super Adriana is beautiful, courages and brave. She is a role model for girls everywhere. Besides, she’s a superhero with a purple cape. How cool is that!


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