Super Ahmad

Super Mom Anna brings us the story of her hero, Super Ahmad: 

“When I was 28 weeks, I learned that Super Ahmad had hydrocephalus, or fluid in his brain. Part of his brain was not growing as it should have been; he would have some developmental delays. 

It has been really hard, seeing him go through so much. He’s had seizures. He’s been hospitalized several times since he’s been born. At one time, he had meningitis, and he had to spend almost a month in the hospital. At another time, after he turned a month old, he had a strain of coronavirus, though not as severe as the one we have right now. 

Aside from going back and forth between home and the hospital, Super Ahmad can’t yet do what every one-year-old can do. He can’t walk or talk or eat hard food. He’s not able to sit without support or hold his head up. 

Yet Super Ahmad has overcome so much. He’s learning. Super Ahmad’s big brother, Ayden, is his teacher basically. Ayden loves on him and teaches him a lot, even if Super Ahmad doesn’t always know what’s going on. 

Plus, Super Ahmad is a happy baby. He loves watching other happy kids and getting hugs from Grandpa. He is so lovable. And he is not only a happy baby but a strong baby. It is amazing how he has survived everything he’s been through over the past year and months.”

Hooray, Super Ahmad! It’s clear that on top of strength and happiness, this hero also has the powers of patience and love. Super Ahmad loves watching happy kids, and so does the TinySuperheroes community. We can’t wait to see what this happy kid will do in time! 

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