Super Aiden

During difficult times like these, when we all may feel alone, one Tiny Superhero is here to show us the meaning of teamwork and togetherness: Super Aiden!

“I believe strangers know there is something special about Super Aiden,” says his Super Mom Emily. “When he was 1, he would line up blocks by colors and sizes. He would do the same with his food. He still does it to this day. Super Aiden’s Tourette’s, Autism, and ADHD have been a big struggle for him, but we are working hard on it as a team. To all of our family and friends, he is very extraordinary, and he is treated the same as everyone else.

Super Aiden and his sister have a good bond. He has a younger brother, Anthony, who suffers from Tourette’s, and they have been inseparable ever since his little brother was born. His little brother looks up to Super Aiden. Both Super siblings have been so supportive of Super Aiden and help him whenever he needs it.”

Both with and without the participation of his siblings, Super Aiden has many interests and hobbies. For example, he is an absolute expert on turkey sandwiches and going swimming in his grandparents’ pool.

“He loves to play games on his tablet and loves to read chapter books. He has a lot of stuffed animals that he sleeps with and carries around with him. He has a few favorites, but his most favorite is a Pete the Cat puppet stuffed animal. He loves this blue blanket that has a silk trim on it he has had since he was a baby and he takes it everywhere with him.”

In addition to all the things Super Aiden loves, Super Mom Emily can also tell us what people love most about Super Aiden. 

“We all just love him unconditionally. Super Aiden is 8 now and has come a long way. He is such a special kid, and I couldn’t be more proud of his smile, his laugh, and the love he has for his brother and sister. We love the freckles on his face and his big bear hugs. We love how smart he is in school. We just love everything about him.”

Thank you Super Aiden and Super Mom Emily for sharing your story!

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