Super Aliphare

It is a real privilege to share this TinySuperhero’s story with you. I would like to introduce you to Super Aliphare.

Super Aliphare was born on November 14, 2013.

In the beginning of 2017 she was a bold 3 year old girl! She had princess written all over her and you can tell from photos that beaming rainbows probably followed her everywhere she went. She started preschool and was the best big sister to her new baby brother.

Super Aliphare has an amazing mom named Brandy. As I was getting to know more of their story, I was perusing her Instagram account and saw a post from November 2016. It was a quote that said “Train your mind to see the good in every situation.”

This really struck me because not 4 months later, Brandy was going to prove that she was truly strong enough to do just that.

On March 21, 2017, Super Aliphare’s life changed forever. Brandy was home cleaning when she received a frantic call from Aliphare’s father.  Aliphare had been attacked by 2 German Shepherd dogs. She was on her way to the hospital and in critical condition.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Brandy was met by a Chaplain and two nurses. They told her that Aliphare was in very bad shape, was awake and knew what was going on. They needed Brandy to stay calm and strong so that Super Aliphare would not go into shock. Brandy was STRONG.

This first hospital did not have the resources to treat her injury. She had been bitten on the head and a large portion of her skull was exposed. They transferred her to a children’s hospital where their journey to recovery really began.

They spent the first week in the burn unit of the children’s hospital where they did head dressing changes multiple times a day. A lot was still unknown and everything was scary.

About a week after the attack, Super Aliphare had her first surgery. It took 10 hours for doctors to remove part of her back muscle in order to create a large enough skin flap to cover her skull. She was sedated for 4 days after surgery, during which time she caught a common cold. This lead to 2 weeks of isolation in the hospital.

Super Aliphare had two more surgeries for skin grafts, all the while living at the hospital with her strong mom and family by her side.

Super Aliphare’s injury did heal and the beaming rainbows never left her, but the incident certainly didn’t disappear. Having a large skin graft on your head not only leaves large scars but also does not allow for hair to grow. Super Aliphare will continue to have surgeries to move her hairline forward.


While the scar is indicative of the degree of injury, the unseen emotional injuries are equally debilitating. Super Aliphare suffers from PTSD and has terrifying episodes of remembering the attack.

Through everything, this family has never shelved their strength. Super Aliphare does therapy to help cope with PTSD and they use love to overcome the incredibly hurtful things that others have said to or about her.

This is a story that Brandy shared on Instagram:

“The other day my mom took my daughter out to McDonald’s…while at McDonald’s I guess this little boy (about 7) came up to my daughter calling her ‘disgusting head’…The boy proceeded to go on and on and my daughter went up and told my mom. My mom said no, that is not correct, and tried to explain she had surgery…Well this boy kept going and going and soon my daughter turned around, looked at that boy and said ‘I am not a disgusting head I am beautiful.’”

And to all of us. Our kids can say things that hurt others. I know my own have said things that left me feeling mortified. It’s just an unavoidable part of learning. But we can help. We can step up. We can teach them and lead by example. We can join conversations that are mortifying rather than running from them. We can teach our kids that these are not kind words and explain that Aliphare’s scar is a sign of strength. We can remind them that Aliphare is AMAZING until they know it is true.

If you’re wondering what Super Aliphare would prefer kids to say to her, “She just wants to play and say hi my name is Aliphare what is yours?!”

None of this is easy. Hearing a story about a sweet girl being viscously attacked is not easy. Brandy & Super Aliphare’s journey has not been easy.  But we are strong, just as they are, and we do not have to run.

It isn’t easy…but it also isn’t that hard. May we all strive to instill this kind of strength and confidence into our own children…and please never forget to choose kind.

Brandy – thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for living out your desire to see the good in all situations. You are an incredible mother and you have an incredibly daughter. You have instilled a pure sense of beauty that has given Super Aliphare fierce strength. Thank you.

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