Super Alyssa

A TinySuperhero’s Story from a Super Mom’s Perspective:

“In April 2018, Super Alyssa was 18 months having fun like every other toddler, learning to walk, being independent and exploring the world! Until one night her life changed drastically.

Super Alyssa fell down with a popsicle stick, and she had a dissection on her carotid artery. That triggered a stroke. She had an Acute Ischemic Left MCA Stroke. Due to that, she has a weakness on her right side. The stroke affected her mobility on her right side and her speech.

Then, when she turned 2 years and 4 months, I started noticing some changes in her behavior, which I chalked up to the terrible twos. She drastically changed her behavior. I started noticing differences in her compared to other children her age. I even thought she had lost her hearing! I commented this to her neurologist. The neurologist evaluated her and diagnosed her with (ASD) Autism. Having a child with autism is a challenge because people think that having autism is always something physically different. Many people say she doesn’t look sick. Autism affects impaired communication and social interaction. It also affects sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. Some kids like Super Alyssa have difficulty communicating, difficulty with social interactions, obsessive interests and repetitive behaviors. Super Alyssa also has a compulsive behavior, persistent repetition of words and actions, poor eye contact and speech delay. She has shown intense interest in a limited number of things and difficulties paying attention. I would like for people to understand that Autism is not a physical thing but a neurological disorder.

Despite all of this, Super Alyssa is an absolute champion overcoming her fears!”

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