Super Amar

“Super Amar has overcome a lot of different challenges,” says Super Parent Dijana of her son, Super Amar. “We learned he had autism when he was two years old. [Because of his diagnosis], he is a flight risk. He also has trouble with sensory overload and behaviors.”

There are two behaviors, however, that give Super Amar his most extraordinary superpowers. This TinySuperhero possesses the gifts of friendliness and self-confidence! 

Says Dijana, “Super Amar is quick to make friends. Some kids make fun of him for being too friendly, but Super Amar is a great kid. He believes in himself!”

One of the challenges this hero has overcome most recently is learning to talk.

“We are hoping to get speech therapy finished in the near future,” says Dijana, “and we are also hoping we can try and remember our birthdays and days of the week.”

In the meantime, these days of the week will continue to be full of what Super Amar loves most: swimming, chicken nuggets, funny movies, and Spider-Man. This hero also loves crafts!

“Super Amar is a great crafts kid. He loves to make things!” says Dijana.

Most often, we see how Super Amar can make a success out of a challenging situation. Even when he has struggles or is looked at differently, he finds comfort in his parents, his 13-year-old brother, and backrubs. 

Of course, the TinySuperheroes community is also comforted to know that a hero like Super Amar is out there, spreading joy and esteem to everyone he meets. Go, Super Amar! 

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