Super Amari

HEY, HEROES! The latest issue of TinySuperheroes has arrived, and it features a new hero who fans are sure to love: Super Amari and her extraordinary heart!

“Super Amari was born with a heart defect: Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome,” says Super Mom Melissa of her TinySuperhero. “We found out about 12 weeks into my pregnancy. I was not really sure what my plan was going to be, but I knew I wanted to move forward. BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE! I love my baby more than I can say, and she has done amazing.”

Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome occurs when the structures on the right side of the heart are either underdeveloped or not formed. In her short life, Super Amari has already undergone two open heart surgeries to correct these structural problems: the Norwood procedure and the Glenn procedure.

Says Melissa, “The Norwood procedure was done when Super Amari was just one day old. The hardest thing was seeing her after that surgery. We had to stay in hospital for a little over a month. While she recovered well from the procedure, there was still another surgery to come. The second surgery was the Glenn procedure, which she had at four months. Once again, Super Amari healed well! She will have one more surgery when she is about three years old, but I am sure she will do amazing then, too.”

Super Amari’s amazing qualities extend far beyond her superpowers in surgery, however.

“Super Amari loves to play, laugh, cuddle, and talk,” says Melissa. “Well, more like yell! She loves her mommy, tia, and grandma. Her cousins absolutely love her, and she loves them. She really is our angel from above. Sure, it’s not always easy. We struggle some days; we cry some days. But in the end, I’m very blessed to be able to call Super Amari mine. We look forward to what the future holds for her.”

And what a future this will be! Go, Super Amari! The TSH community is so excited to see all of the wonderful things this hero and her heart will do.

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