Super Aubriella

After spending her initial 121 days in the NICU, TinySuperhero Super Aubriella had to miss out on more than her share of first holidays. However, with every day that goes by, she and her family are finding a new success to celebrate. Super Parent Kandace brings us this hero’s fierce story of hope and unstoppable love: 

“Super Aubriella is an only child, my first child. She was born at 27 weeks–That’s 13 weeks early! At birth, she was critically ill and full of infections. She was not expected to survive the night. “Medically, there is still no understanding as to how she made it. She underwent X-ray after X-ray and scan after scan to address chromosome abnormality concerns. She had many transfusions and was on so many medications that it was unreal. She had collapsed lungs; she was on and off ventilators several times; she had to be isolated after catching pneumonia. It all broke my heart a million ways. We were told that she wouldn’t be able to do many things, that she would be delayed, and that the doctors could not predict what her future would hold. 

“Super Aubriella couldn’t be held until she was deemed stable–a whole month after her birth–and she didn’t wear clothes for almost two months. She spent her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Daddy’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, Mommy’s birthday, and her own due date in the NICU. She was there a total of 121 days. 

“Finally, she came home on Valentines’ Day. It had been such a terrifying journey…and little did we know, it wasn’t over yet. Super Aubriella spent a total of seven months on oxygen and nine months with some sort of feeding tube, as well as nine months with different monitors. She had an additional two surgeries outside of NICU, bringing her total to four surgeries in one year.

“Faith and prayer got us through. Super Aubriella is experiencing some delays, but she is perfect, and we’re so grateful for her. She just turned 2! She’s smart and fun, and her uniqueness makes her amazing. She loves to cuddle Mommy, especially when Mommy sings to her…even though Mommy can’t sing! Super Aubriella also loves lights and Thomas the Train. While her speech is delayed, she is learning sign language to communicate, and while she has some trouble feeding herself with a spoon and only weighs 19 pounds, she loves to eat!

“Super Aubriella is in speech, physical, and occupational therapies. She also has a neurology appointment coming up. We’re concerned that she might have seizures or something else, but no matter what, she is our world, and we love her more than is imaginable. She is an incredible miracle, and she is my hero.”

Ours, too! Huge thank you to Super Aubriella’s family for sharing this story with us.

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