Super Aurora

One TinySuperhero has proven to be the light of her family’s life. Meet Super Aurora! This hero shows us that even when things seem dark, our brightest days are still ahead. Super Mom Kelly tells us more about Super Aurora’s power of positivity:

“Super Aurora is a beautiful, smart, and loving eight-year-old with severe autism and developmental delays. Super Aurora’s adoption case worker informed us of her diagnosis prior to first meeting with her. She was diagnosed at two years old, and I would not change her for anything. She has been such a blessing to our family!”

Even when faced with difficulties, this hero really shines.

“Super Aurora is nonverbal, but nothing slows her down,” explains Kelly. “She feeds herself and puts herself to bed. She is able to communicate with some sign language. She is also very phone savvy, and she loves school and her teachers. Over all, she just generally loves people and is such a genuine little girl. She is so funny and bright. We are looking forward to getting her a communication device, and we are hoping to get her involved in the Special Olympics.”

In addition to loving people, hugs, and her weighted blanket, this hero also enjoys playing on the phone, listening to music, and being read to. Car rides are also a favorite pastime, and one thing is certain: this TinySuperhero is sure going places! 

Says Kelly, “We have our good days and bad days, but she is my angel. She does her best, and I learn from her daily. Super Aurora is my hero.”

Go, Super Aurora! Big thanks to this TSH and her family for letting us put her story in the spotlight. She radiates joy and a positive attitude that we should all aspire to share.

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