Super Austin

Super Austin has joined the TinySuperheroes squad and brings Leukemia with him as his super power. He is an amazing 5 year old boy and we are so thrilled to have him as a member of our squad!

In October of 2016 Super Austin went to the doctor because he wasn’t feeling well. He was diagnosed with an ear infection. However, the next day he was pale and shaking, and his parents requested blood work to be done to rule out any other potential illnesses. When his blood work results came back Super Austin was sent to Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Super Austin shouldn’t have even been able to walk or talk because of how low his blood counts were, but he was! “Awesome Austin,” as the doctor called him, because he continued to play and wasn’t letting anything get him down, despite what his counts told him he should be feeling. After his initial diagnosis, Super Austin received 2 units of platelets and 4 units of blood. It was hard for Super Austin’s parents to find out his diagnosis, but it brought them all closer as a family. Super Austin and his family received an amazing amount of support from friends, family, and strangers and they are unbelievably thankful.

Since his Leukemia super power was discovered, Super Austin has gone through many intensive rounds of tests and treatment. Since his diagnosis, he has undergone 7 months of intense chemo, but he has handled it better than his parents could have ever hoped or prayed for. Super Austin rarely gets sick from treatment and is so strong and resilient. Other than his cute bald head, you would never know he has cancer! He smiles and plays wholeheartedly, and he never lets his diagnosis hold him down.

One of the toughest things for Super Austin is that he has to take it easy; he’s not able to play and run around with his friends like he use to. Super Austin gets tired easily and sometimes needs extra boosts (like blood transfusions) in the hospital, so he can’t be an active 5 year old like most kids his age. Super Austin has a port where he receives some of his medicine, and despite having to be poked a lot, he is so brave and has overcome so many of his fears of being stuck! Super Austin has been keeping busy and although may seem shy, he really does love meeting new people! Over the holidays Super Austin and his family spent time delivering cookies to local police and fire stations! He loved doing this so much. Super Austin is an amazing little boy that despite having activity limitations is thriving and not letting anything stand in his way!

What’s next for Super Austin? Well, he has a bit of a long journey ahead of him with Leukemia. He has one month left of intense chemo before he enters the maintenance phase, where he will take oral chemo everyday and only go into clinic once a month for IV chemo and every three months for an LP (lumbar puncture chemo). Super Austin will do this routine for three years. What is amazing is that Super Austin is slated to start Kindergarten in the fall!

You can follow along with Super Austin over on Facebook at Team Awesome Austin. We are so thrilled to have Super Austin on our squad! He’s going to keep using his superpower to knock out anything that stands in his way!

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