Super Azra

ATTENTION, EVERYONE! One TinySuperhero, Super Azra, has a story that is sure to move you. Not only that, but this dancer, swimmer, and survivor has proven that he can really move, too!

Super Azra’s story began in 2017. For a month after he was born, Super Azra had to remain in the hospital with a blood infection he contracted during birth. His Super Mom, Taylor, describes that time as one of the scariest things she has had to endure.

“I was hopeful but fearful at the same time,” says Taylor.

Yet Super Azra overcame this unexpected challenge. He left the hospital and grew into new strengths and superpowers. Later, when he was diagnosed with level-3 non-verbal autism, the world got to see even more of how unique and extraordinary Super Azra really is. He can handle anything; he turns intimidating situations into opportunities to shine. For instance, when he was learning to swim, Super Azra was initially afraid of the water.

“Now he enjoys it!” says Super Mom Taylor. “He loves the beach.”

Super Azra has also been daring enough to try new food textures and love those, too. But the thing that Super Azra has always loved? Dancing. 

Says Taylor, “He loves country music and dancing. Super Azra is amazing. He dances freely with such poise at just barely three years old. He is always trying to make you smile or have you shaking your tail feather with him!!!!”

In fact, the only thing that rivals Super Azra’s love for dancing is his love for other people.

“He feels you genuinely and will gravitate towards you for extra love, almost knowing that’s also what you need,” says Taylor. “He’s ambitious and loves to test the boundaries but in a ‘I’m not giving up’ type of way. He’s an all-around beautiful spirit with not a mean bone in his body. He’s everything I needed.”

Hooray, Super Azra! Big thanks to Super Azra and Super Mom Taylor for sharing their story with us.

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