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Super Bennett

Super Bennett is soaring into the TinySuperheroes squad!  He brings with him Laryngomalacia as one of his super powers but does not let anything hold him back from being a happy and active two-and-a-half year old!

Super Bennett was born at 34 weeks, so about a month or so early, and because of his prematurity his baby lungs had a bit of a struggle from the start.  As he got older his respiratory issues continued to persist and troubles with eating and coughing led to many respiratory infections.  After countless trips to the doctor and hospital, what was thought to maybe have been typical preemie lung issues was actually much more.  Super Bennett’s superpowers took a lot of tests and hospital admissions to be detected, but once they were Super Bennett was officially diagnosed with Laryngeal Cleft, Laryngomalacia, Chronic Lung Disease, Reactive Airway, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Aspirations, Chronic Acid Reflux, and Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension.  Most children who are diagnosed with Laryngomalacia are lucky enough to grow out of it by age 2.  However, Super Bennett is hanging onto his Laryngomalacia superpower and used it to rock his third major airway surgery last month.  Super Bennett has also recently added a new superpower: a submucosal cleft palate.  However, even with all of these stacked up against Super Bennett he continues to fight and overcome them!  He is one of the happiest little guys you’ll ever meet!

Super Bennett has some challenges he has to face everyday with tasks most people don’t bat an eye about doing.  Things like drinking and eating can be a test for him, and his parents have to continuously monitor his behavior so he doesn’t aspirate or choke.  All of Super Bennett’s liquids have to be thickened to a honey consistency to make it easier for him to drink and swallow.  Super Bennett doesn’t let anything hold him back; however, sometimes playing and being an active 2.5 year old tires him out and he gets out of breath and begins to wheeze, forcing him to have to take a step back and take it easy.  It’s hard for Super Bennett sometimes because as much as he loves to play his immune system is weak and most days he has to spend at home which limits his interaction with other kids and is hard for Super Bennett to understand, especially with a bit of a speech delay which also poses a challenge for both Bennett and his parents in communicating what he’s thinking and feeling.  At night Super Bennett gets to wear a special monitor for his oxygen levels because sometimes he needs a little boost with some supplemental oxygen if his levels desaturate.  Super Bennett gets to use his superpowers in speech therapy and feeding therapy as well as his super intensive speech course to help with the submucosal cleft palate superpower he has.  With all of his super powers being centered around his breathing and eating, sometimes Super Bennett needs a little help recovering from these in the hospital to punch out chronic infections and pneumonia.  However, as challenging as the day to day is for Super Bennett, he really is such a happy little boy that he’s taking his super lung and airway powers in stride and making the best of what he’s been given!

Sometimes people stare or give not very nice looks at Super Bennett when he’s out and about because of his coughing.  They assume that he’s sick and contagious and don’t want to be near him.  However, Super Bennett is not sick or contagious; he’s just trying to clear and protect his airway!  He just does this in a way that’s different than most.  Super Bennett has a unique speech that some have a hard time understanding; however, it is due to his submucosal cleft palate.  Although he may communicate differently and be hard to understand due to his structures preventing him from making the proper sounds, he is a very intelligent little boy.  Super Bennett’s immune system is easily irritated — the common cold usually lands Bennett in the hospital on oxygen and IV antibiotics.  So if you have a cold or another common illness and you have to go out in public, remember there are TinySuperheroes like Super Bennett out there too who could be impacted.

Super Bennett may have superpowers that have caused him to be in the hospital more times than not; however, he is the strongest and happiest little guy and continues to amaze his parents with his extensive bravery and courage he exhibits every single day.

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  1. Karen Taleff
    Karen Taleff says:

    Prayers always!! God Bless you sweetie!! Sending lots of Love and
    Prayers💙🙏 Your Great Aunt Karen


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