Super Brantley

A story of hope, love, and faith from a Super Mom’s perspective:

“I’ll never forget the moment I found out I was pregnant. It was the night of Easter, and Brett and I were watching a movie. We were so happy. There were so many laughs, from Brett having my morning sickness and saying from the get-go it would be a little boy, to watching all of our family’s faces as we told them. They were all such happy moments!!! 

“The day we went for our anatomy scan, that quickly changed. We knew something was off. I remember just laying there crying, looking at Brett because the woman just kept scanning over Super Brantley’s brain multiple times. As we kept going back for check ups, the news just kept getting worse and worse. The ventricles in our little boy’s brain kept getting bigger, and doctors explained they believed Brantley didn’t have a couple pieces of his brain and that’s why so much fluid built up. The news was devastating. Our world had quickly been turned upside down.

The day he was born, a NICU team was in my delivery ready to take him because they didn’t expect him to breathe on his own. Well, once I had him, he did! He actually got to spend a good bit of time with Brett and me before they took him for all of his tests. He had an MRI, cranial ultrasound, eye exam, blood work, and a couple other things. The results didn’t look good. Hours after giving birth to the most precious thing, we were told they didn’t know how long Super Brantley would live.. That’s nothing we wanted to hear. So Super Brantley ended up getting moved to a NICU room where Brett and I could stay in there with him. The following day the same neurologist came back and asked to do a cranial ultrasound again. And guys…it turns out Super Brantley has every single piece of his brain the doctors said he didn’t!!!!!!  

“Although he has the pieces they said were missing, they are smaller than they are supposed to be. Within his first week of life, he had 6 different tests run, an echo, and an EEG. He had 29 wires to his head for 24 hours to monitor his brain and the brain waves. The doctors didn’t expect him to see or hear, but sweet man Super Brantley has perfect hearing. On his left eye, he has a weak eye muscle, so it hangs down a little bit, and his other eye stays to the corner more because he has hydroplasia displasia and a short optic nerve. That’s why we patch! And it’s improved tremendously.

Our son is absolutely perfect. Every diagnosis they gave us was wrong. Every single thing they said he wouldn’t do, he’s doing. They said he wouldn’t eat or breathe on his own. He did from the start. We stayed faithful even though it was hard, and we had an army praying for our Mighty Man. 

“As of now, we know he has seizures and abnormal brain structure and he is tight toned, but as you can see, once our little man was here, there was nothing but smiles. He is two years old now and doing great. In October of 2019, Super Brantley even went viral across the states and  landed on a National news site for his duck boat Halloween costume! He has stolen all of our hearts and is our living and breathing miracle from God. We are so thankful for Brantley! As we move forward, we ask for prayers. The parts of his brain that they questioned are there, but these parts are smaller than they are supposed to be. Those parts mess with speech and walking. They said he may never walk and talk, but we don’t believe that. 

We didn’t write this so people would feel bad for Super Brantley. We don’t want him to be looked at any different because he’s not, other than that he is no doubt our Miracle. He is Super Brantley, and that’s what he will be known for. We still have a long way to go, but he is thriving. We can only imagine when he is older and sharing his testimony.” — Super Mom Katlyn



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