Super Cayson

A TinySuperheroes story from a Super Mom’s perspective:

Cayson is a super funny, strong, sweet heart of a boy. He started running a fever in September 2018, and doctors kept telling us it was allergies and kept changing his allergy meds. I wasn’t buying this, and when we went out of town for a birthday party and some Halloween fun at Six Flags and SeaWorld one weekend in late September, Cayson started running another high fever. We left early to go home and took him to the urgent care in Corpus Christi. The doctor drew blood and came in to tell us that his labs were off, and we needed to go straight to Driscoll Children’s Hospital. I had a gut feeling of what would be in store but prayed hard that it wasn’t so! My daughter and I sat in the ER room with Cayson and heard words like oncology, ALL and a few more.

The ER doctor came in and told us that Cayson tested positive for strep and would be staying overnight in the oncology wing of the hospital. I felt numb. We went upstairs and got settled in and tried to get some sleep. Very early the next morning a Dr. MBA came to our room with a child life specialist and the Chaplin and asked us to come to a special conference room to discuss Cayson’s diagnosis. That’s when the hammer fell.

We walked into the small room and my daughter and I sat on the small couch. The words flew out of her mouth at lightning speed. Our little Cayson has Cancer in his blood.

In the few minutes we were in there, the nursing staff was prepping Cayson for surgery. We came out of the conference just in time to go down to surgery with him so they could insert a mediport in his chest and do a lumbar puncture to see if the cancer was hiding in his brain fluid or testicles. He came through like a champ but was scared to death.

Now, he handles most treatments like a champ. His pet peeve is lengthy hospital stays. We just got released today from a 4 week stay in the hospital due to neutropenia or no baby white blood cells. He has received over 25 blood transfusions and more platelets than that. He is such a strong fighter. He is nicknamed the 4th Tower Boss at Driscoll.

Cayson has a big brother Cayden (8), and they are very close. Cayson loves to do gymnastics, roller skate, bowling and sooo much more. He is especially fond of making slime and other arts and crafts!

Words can’t describe how much joy this brave TinySuperhero brings to everyone that knows and loves him.”

Super Cayson, your strength, courage, and determination inspire us. You are truly AMAZING. Thank you for being the best you in the whole world.

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