Super Chevy

Super Chevy’s story from a Super Mom’s perspective:

“The first time Mom and Dad got to hold their teeny tiny superhero was 36 hours after he was born. Super Chevy came into the world 9 weeks early via emergency c-section after a medical emergency that left both Chevy and Mom in critical condition. Seeing Super Chevy in a little glass incubator with tubes and hoses coming from every which way was the hardest thing for Mom and Dad to accept. Mom hunkered down and begin preparing to be by his side for the long haul. Dad had to go home to take care of Super Chevy’s three sisters and two brothers. Over the next several weeks there were many ups and downs. Lots of scares and surprises. It took a long time before Chevy was able to breath without the ventilators support. Once they removed the CPAP face mask and he got a nasal cannula everyone could finally see his cute little face and move onto the next challenge.

Little by little, step by step, Super Chevy was getting bigger and stronger everyday. Christmas Day 2019, at 5.5 weeks old, Chevy got to meet his siblings for the very first time. After he got to see who was waiting for him at home he made amazing strides. On December 29, 2019, 42 days after he was born, Chevy was finally given the green light to go home. That night his whole family celebrated Christmas together after having agreed to hold off until everyone was home. 

Looking back over it all–his first blood transfusion, his brain ultrasounds, the medications to help his kidneys function, his heart murmur, the nurses running to his room when he would have a ‘episode’, his first smile, the first time we heard him cry, the first time he tried using a baby bottle, our excitement when he hit 4lbs then 5lbs, the many long scary nights, the days spent in the chapel praying for his health and healing, and the feeling we felt when they said we could finally take him home–I’m reminded of what an amazing little boy he is. He did end up back in the hospital a few weeks after he graduated from the NICU, but he battled through and after a week got to go home again. Today, at almost six months old, he is a beautiful, strong, life loving little guy and he is going to to amazing things one day. He is our Teeny Tiny Superhero.” –Super Mom Nikki


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