Super Cora!

“When Super Cora was born,” says Super Parent Coryn, “we found out she had a club foot, as well as joint contractures in her arms, a condition known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Her arms could not bend. This meant she could not do many everyday tasks that are typical for infants.”

Despite the daunting challenges she faced, this hero soon proved to everyone that there was one more thing could not bend: her incredible force of willpower. She showed the world right away that nothing was going to stop her progress!

Says Coryn, “Since she was born, Super Cora has been through multiple tests and therapies, as well as casting. With the help of OT and PT, she started slightly bending her arms. She can now manage to lift her casted leg up and play with her piano! Super Cora loves to sing and play.”

Super Cora’s musical abilities are not the only manner in which she strives to end every day on a high note.

“No matter how much testing or rehab needs to be done,” says Coryn, “at the end of the day, this beautiful girl looks up at her Mommy and Daddy and smiles. From the time she was just a week old, this little girl was giggling. She has such a unique personality, and she doesn’t let her differences get in the way of enjoying her life. She can always be comforted by extra snuggles and love, even after a long day at the doctor’s office. 

“In Super Cora’s future, she may need surgery on her arms to help them to bend. It is possible that Super Cora may also need muscle transfers. She will endure many years of therapy, bracing, and casting. Even so, she is so strong, and she preserveres through it all. She doesn’t know anything different. And no matter what, she will always be supported by her big, loving family, especially her parents and her Grammie and Pa!”

Hooray, Super Cora! Super thanks to Super Parent Coryn for sharing this hero’s story with us. It’s clear that Super Cora touches more than just piano keys; she also has the keys to so many people’s hearts.

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