Super Daelee

Super Daelee shows off her cape

Hey, heroes! Today we’re lucky enough to share Super Daelee’s story, and it’s one that involves many different numbers. Her family counts surgeries, medications, and trips to the hospital. They count every day that passes before they receive answers, as well as every day that they’ve gotten with their hero in her incredible story so far…Yet, despite all that, there’s no counting the ways in which she continues to astonish and overcome! 

Here is the epic story, as told by Super Parent Ina:

“Super Daelee was born at 36 weeks. After her arrival, we noticed that something was wrong with her belly. Her stomach had swelled and had a black tint to it. It was a bowel blockage; she was transported to a hospital with a NICU shortly after, and at 3 days old, she had surgery to have 3 centimeters of her lower intestine removed. Seven days after that, I received a call from the hospital telling me to come right away. She was being prepped to be flown out to a different NICU for an emergency surgery. At 11 days old, she’d received her cystic fibrosis diagnosis. 

After her second surgery, she had an ostomy bag. It was a waiting game from that moment on. She spent a total of 95 in the NICU. During that time, she had 3 surgeries and stayed in a total of 3 NICUs, all before she even reached the age of 3 months. Eventually, we were able to get her transported to a hospital that was closer to our home and where her CF (cystic fibrosis) team would be located. It was the best decision I ever made.

Fast forward…Super Daelee is now 17 months old. She takes 5 enzymes before every meal. She undergoes 2 different breathing treatments a day, uses 2 inhalers a day, and completes 20 minutes of chest therapy 2 times a day. She struggled with weight gain a little bit after coming home, but as of today, she is in the 85th percentile!

She’s been through a lot for someone that’s only been on this planet for 17 months, but you would never be able to tell (unless you see the scar on her stomach). She faces every new treatment with a smile and makes it all worth it. I pray everyday that she’ll see a cure in her lifetime, but until then, I always remind her of how strong she really is. There isn’t anything she can’t do.”

It’s clear that this hero shows her incredible resilience on more than just a daily basis! Hooray for Super Daelee. Super big thanks to this hero and her family for allowing us to share this story.

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