Super Dakota

A TinySuperheroes story from a Super Mom’s perspective:

Wednesday April 24th 2019.

My husband brought Dakota to my office (I was a PTA) while I was finishing up with patients, so I could bring her to her 6 month well visit. She was kicking butt and taking names until they took her temperature. Mild fever… I chalked it up to teething. The doctor asked if I had noticed the tiny purple dots on her skin… I had but didn’t think anything of it. She asked if I had noticed the bruising on her right arm and leg… I had but, and I quote, “She’s a rough and tumble.” She made a face, and I thought she thought I hurt my child. I assured her that was not even a possibility. She assured me she wasn’t thinking that and sent me for blood work. 

The immediate results were within normal limits. So we went home, played with our dog, Chief, ate some pears and played with our feet… Then, the phone rang. 

Her pediatrician said I needed to get Dakota to the emergency room right away because something was wrong with her blood. Away we went… little did I know that would be the last time we’d ever be in our home.

We arrived at the closest ER with a pediatric hematologist… the questions… the tests… the wires… the tape… the cries… My family including my husband gathered all around. There were lots of questions about cancer. Our worst fears were creeping in.

We were transferred upstairs. I remember long hallways and immediate tears. There was this crib that looked like a bird cage, and I balled because I didn’t want to put her in there… She was taped up everywhere. She couldn’t get to her thumb. While everyone was asleep, I begged the nurse to tell me. Was this cancer? She told me without telling me: the worst news, outside of the alternative, that a mother could possibly hear…

That was the first of many times my heart literally broke. The next few days flew by and dragged on at the same time. It was confirmed. Leukemia. I ran outside of the room and screamed, “Get me out of here!” It wasn’t even a question. I called my boss and told him I didn’t know when I’d be back, if ever. There were boat loads of information… so many words and noises. But I was just swimming in the thought that my daughter could die.

She is now 8 months old. We are 8 weeks in.


Her bone marrow biopsy did come back negative for cancer so she is responding.

But we are looking at the next 18 months of chemotherapy and she will not be considered cured until the day after her fifth birthday. 

Super Dakota Ann..

You are our warrior..

We are so very proud of you..

You are doing great sweet face..

Just a few more days and then you can just rest..

We love you more baby..

We’re right here..

We got this 💪🧡 💪

I have created a blog for her on Facebook called, “Dakota Ann’s fight.”-

And one for us warrior moms called, “Warrior Moms.” 


This is a world I knew nothing about because it is not possible for humans to fully grasp this magnitude of pain…

These warriors and their families suffer behind closed doors…

My heart aches for them…

This world of cancer is hell on Earth, but our warriors are stronger than this poison…

Together we can win…

Cheers Mamas…

You are never alone.


-Written by Super Mom Shari Ann Almeida

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