Super Dalton

When Super Dalton was three years old, he was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and an intellectual disability. Ever since that day, however, Super Dalton has shown the world that his differences make him who he is: a superhero!

One example of what makes Super Dalton unique is that he is a budding outdoorsman. According to Super Mom Julie, he loves acorns, feathers, marbles, rocks, sensory toys, and toys that grow in water.  

“He is a smart boy,” says Julie, “and so caring and loving.”

This shining personality has never wavered, not even when things seemed scary or overwhelming. 

“Everything is a daily challenge for him,” Super Mom Julie says, “but especially his surgeries and being taken away from his parents.”

Over the years, Super Dalton has had to undergo several surgeries. This includes three surgeries on his teeth, tonsil removal, and adenoid removal. Super Dalton also had to receive emergency surgery for a cut artery in his throat! Super Mom Julie opened up about how scary this experience was, especially because of all the bleeding. Super Dalton’s family, however, as well as his favorite toys and blankets, helped him to feel safe.  

Now, our hero’s latest challenge is just to be the best Super Dalton that he can be. It is easy to see how he has already succeeded. Way to go, Super Dalton! 

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