Super DJ

One TinySuperhero, Super DJ, gets his nickname from the Incredible Hulk. Unlike the Hulk, however, Super DJ doesn’t use anger when he charges into battle. This particular hero uses the strength of love and determination in his fight. Plus, he is doing more than saving the world. To his loved ones, he is the world.

Says Super Mom Katie, “When I was 6 weeks pregnant with Super DJ, the doctors told us that he would be a miscarriage; they’d found a hole in the sack he was growing in. We hoped for the best, but we didn’t know what to expect.”

The family definitely didn’t expect for Super DJ to be born 2 months early, but this TinySuperhero was already prepared to take on life…and all the challenges that life could throw at him.

“I was in labor from Saturday to Tuesday morning,” says Katie, “and while the labor was smooth, that hole that the doctors found so many months before had turned into a hole in his small intestines. This caused 40 percent of his small intestines to die off.  

“Super DJ wasn’t eating, and what he was able to eat, he threw up. He wasn’t able to digest anything, and this caused him to have bleeding in his belly. He spent days on a tube that sucked out the contents of his stomach. At first, it seemed like he might be getting better…then he got worse. He was throwing up and crying, and the staff told us they’d have to send Super DJ to another hospital. 

“That same night, Super DJ had the surgery. He lost 40 percent of his small intestine, but he handled it like a true hero! His nickname is Baby Hulk, like his dad’s favorite superhero. We always called him the Hulk because we knew he’d be stronger than any of us.”

And wow, was this hero strong!

“He slowly came off of the oxygen, the incubator, and eventually the tube. We had been told the absolute worst, not knowing if we could bring our son home. On November 1, however, our Baby Hulk graduated from the NICU and got to come home!

“He will have issues like this for the rest of his life, but we thank the lord every day that he got better and that he’s finally home where he belongs. Considering all he’s been through, he is such a happy little boy, and we are so blessed to have him.”

Incredible, Super DJ! We are so grateful that Super Parent Katie shared his story with us, and we can’t wait to see what this little hero does next!

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