Super Drayden

A TinySuperhero’s Story from a Super Mom’s perspective:

The title, Super Drayden, does not nearly define how super this child is. I adopted Drayden. He came to me and his biological father when he was 3 years old. His biological mother was abusive from birth to 3, and her last straw was the day she smothered him. He was unconscious for over an hour. Somehow, he lived. If you don’t believe in God, I am sorry. This child is only alive because of God. Some type of miracle. Science can’t explain any of his miraculous “saved by God” moments. From being tossed down a flight of stairs at a few months old to his head being bashed into tables where he lost 2 cups of blood at 2. He had a really crappy set of cards dealt to him.

So here comes this underweight 3 year old stolling into my life… only to be abused more. Turns out his biological father couldn’t handle the stress that came with Drayden’s abusive past and turned abusive himself towards the both of us. We got out. God blessed me with sole legal and physical custody of this beautiful boy. And where I thought things were finally going to get easier, I was way wrong. Life for Drayden got harder.

At 3, due to being smothered, he did get seizures due to the lack of oxygen. Miraculous he has grown out of them and has been seizure free for 2 years now with no medicine! He has always had ADHD and a lot of the doctors and I believe it stems from him having been addicted to cocaine as a baby. Medicine helps a little, just enough so he can focus on his school work and stay up to par with fellow schoolmates. He has anxiety caused by the PTSD of the abuse. He has been out of an abusive environment for 4 years (he is 10 now) and still flinches anytime someone moves too quickly.

He was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder 2 years ago. Both of his biological parents have the same disorder. And a year and a half ago, he was diagnosed with Autism. I knew he had it when he was 3, but no doctor or teacher wanted to help me confirm it until recently.

Super Drayden has a lot of ups and downs and medicine gets tricky. He takes a good chunk of meds just to be “normal” and he does a great job to power through his illnesses as if he doesn’t have them.

Super Drayden is a sweet and amazing boy. For everything that has happened to this beautiful child, after all of his hard work, he will make one fantastic adult. He is truly a great kid and everyone who meets him, adores him!

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