Super Drew

Super Drew shows off cape

“We weren’t sure Super Drew would ever get the hang of walking,” says Super Mom Shelley, “but it hasn’t stopped him from keeping up with others!”

Super Drew is a TinySuperhero with the most incredible powers of resilience and determination. He has accomplished so many of his goals in such a short time that on many occasions, it’s more like others are keeping up with him!

At first, however, nobody knew what kind of hero Super Drew was going to be. When he was born, he experienced problems breathing on his own. Doctors struggled to get his respiration regulated. 

“I thought I was going to lose him,” says Shelley.

He had to be intubated for the first five days of his life. After that, seven months would pass before doctors could explain to his family exactly what had happened: he’d suffered a stroke at birth that left him with cerebral palsy. 

“Super Drew has severe speech disorder, as the stroke was right where speech development happens,” says Shelley. “He only can use his left arm. But his right arm, or Righty as we call it, is starting to be a helper hand! Super Drew is determined. He’s stubborn. He doesn’t let his different abilities get in his way. He perseveres through it. He perseveres through lots of therapies to work on his speech and strengthening his right side.”

When Super Drew isn’t busy learning to walk or developing his speech, his family says he can be found playing with cars, hanging out with his monkey toy named Oo-Oo, watching Paw Patrol, or pretending to be a superhero. It’s clear to see, however, that he does more than just pretend!

Says Shelley, “Everything about Super Drew is extraordinary in my eyes. I watch him develop new skills almost daily. He tries really hard to keep up with twin sister Payton and older brother Max. He’s overcome so many challenges. He is a funny, loving, caring, strong, little man.”

In the future, Super Drew has more therapy to complete. Until then, he’s continuing to be the best hero he can be. Go, Super Drew! TinySuperheroes is so lucky to have you on the squad.

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