Super Elijah

Elijah has filled the hearts of many in a very short time.  He has brought so many people together and has left an impression on all he has crossed paths with.
— Super Elijah’s Mom

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Meet Super Elijah – an incredible TinySuperhero who really needs our love and support right now.

Elijah was born on September 14, 2010. With 3 older siblings, he was a welcome addition to the family! When he was about 1.5 years old, Elijah started losing some of the motor skills and the words he had developed. After seeing several doctors, many specialists, and going through dozens of tests, Elijah was diagnosed with Batten Disease.

Batten Disease is a disorder of the nervous system, and is considered a rare disease (occurs in about 2 of 100,000 children in America).  There are four types, and there are currently no available treatments or cures. Elijah has the early infantile version, which is the most aggressive.  Since February 2011 when his symptoms first appeared, Batten Disease has already taken a great toll on Elijah’s body.  Everyday is a fight for this TinySuperhero and his family. He has great sidekicks supporting him, but what he really needs is a miracle – a cure. His family, friends, prayer warriors, and I believe that miracles do happen and a cure can be found.

Currently, Elijah suffers seizures, loss of vision, loss of strength and mobility, and weight loss.   They have been using trial and error to find medications that keep Elijah comfortable.  About two weeks ago, Elijah had a G Tube placed, which was welcome and celebrated. He worked so hard to gain strength and weight to undergo the surgery. “Even though this disease is slowly taking away his ability to move and speak Elijah still shows each of us how much he loves us and enjoys his time with each  of his siblings.” -Super Elijah’s Mom

Pic 3Today, as we learn of Super Elijah, we celebrate this awesome, strong, heroic TinySuperhero.  He has the most beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous red hair, and the sweetest smile. He loves the lights on the Christmas tree, and he is the light in his family’s life. Elijah is in the heat of his battle with Batten Disease right now, as you read this, and they need our help.

How can we help? First, we can love him! You can show your love and support to them through hisFacebook Page: Elijah’s Journey. We can also educate ourselves and others about Batten Disease, and we can give support for more research:

Elijah’s family radiates love for their TinySuperhero. They are cherishing every moment they have with him, but they remain hopeful for a miracle that will save Super Elijah’s life. His battle is hard, but he is fighting with pure dignity. We are very, very proud to honor him as a TinySuperhero.

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Our family has lived many moments of joy and happiness since God blessed us with Elijah. His infectious laughter, smiles, lovable personality and who can forget all the dancing he has already done that has brought joy to so many. He has joined our family together in a way that we can not explain. While God has been with us through all the joyful times we know He will continue to carry us through these struggles as well.

— Super Elijah’s Mom

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