Super Ellie

Super Ellie in a blue shirt

Super Ellie was born with an amazing smile and an inspiring resilience. Among these other superpowers, Super Ellie was also born with a heart defect, specifically a coarctation of her aorta.

“We learned about Super Ellie’s heart defect when she was 2 weeks old,” says Super Mom Sophie. “Luckily, since she was born 7 weeks early, we were still in our local NICU at the time and hadn’t gone home yet. The scariest moments of Super Ellie’s journey for us have definitely been learning about her diagnosis, as she wasn’t given a very good prognosis, and also leaving her for her surgery. She had an aortic arch repair. Miss Ellie had a hard few hours after surgery where she needed CPR and resuscitation, but then after, that she recovered like a champ.”

Since those first weeks, Super Ellie has had numerous canulas, PICC lines, blood tests, heel picks, arterial lines, feeding tubes, and CT scans. She has undergone weeks of monitoring, intubation, and oxygen support.

Says Super Mom Sophie, “She amazes me every day how someone so little can go through so much and still have a smile on her face every day.”

And what makes Super Ellie smile? According to her family, she adores elephants, colorful lights, and loud, noisy toys. Memorable interests for a memorable hero! Super Ellie also has three super older sisters she loves. Cuddling with this family and her special blanket also provides her with the same comfort and joy which she clearly gives others.

“We take it week by week,” says Sophie. “We may have more surgery down the pipe, but whether it is in a month or 2 years, it all depends. I am sure that when she is older and faces any challenges, she will put up a great fight. We love you, Super Ellie.”

We are so grateful that Super Ellie and her family have chosen to share their story with us! Go, Super Ellie!

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