Super Elliott

In a world where there is constant pressure to measure up to expectations, one hero sets a new standard of strength and persistence: Super Elliott! Super Mom Ashley brings us more of the story: 

“Super Elliott was always measuring on the small side,” remembers Super Mom Ashley, “but as the pregnancy went on, her IUGR became severe.” 

IUGR stands for Intrauterine Growth Restriction, meaning Super Elliott wasn’t growing at the expected rate. 

“We were told that her prognosis was poor,” continues Ashley. ‘She was at risk for limb contracture and lung problems. At every weekly scan, we were told that we had to try and get a little further, as she had to be a minimum of 500g to deliver. And at every scan, whenever I saw her, heard her heartbeat, and felt her, I knew we couldn’t give up. 

“Then, at my last ultrasound, I learned that she had stopped growing within the last two weeks, and she wasn’t active during the scan. I was immediately admitted to labour and delivery for an emergency C-section to attempt to deliver a live baby.

“We expected Super Elliott to need incubation after she was born, but miraculously, she was born breathing on her own. This being said, she has been diagnosed with BPD (Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia), a form of chronic lung disease. She requires low flow oxygen until her lungs can finish growing and maturing. She also needs help supplementing her feeding because she exerts more calories than the average baby due to her lung condition.”

Those in Super Elliott’s life quickly learned that she is far from average in any sense…but in the best way possible! She has accomplished so much, and her exceptions make her a most extraordinary superhero. 

“Super Elliott has proven that she is tiny but mighty,” says Ashley. “She survived being born at an extremely low birth weight, and she is here today, pushing through every obstacle. She amazes me. She is the strongest and most determined person I know.”

Not only does this TSH possess the strength of someone ten times her size, but she also brings ten times the love. Here are a few of this hero’s favorite things:

“She loves her brothers, extra cuddles, and her swing. She also loves being whispered to while having her head rubbed, listening to music, and hearing the sounds of ocean waves.”

And just like the ocean, there is so much more to Super Elliott than someone might assume just by looking at surface appearances. So while Super Elliott might love to be whispered to, the TSH community wants to shout out her story! 

“I hope for her to be able to achieve anything she sets her mind to in life,” says Ashley. “To grow and explore and share her fighting spirit with everyone she comes into contact with.”

Go, Super Elliott! As this TSH grows, so will our admiration and support for her. Super thanks to her family for sharing her inspiring journey with us. 

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