Super Emilio

The story of Super Emilio from Super Mom Monica’s perspective:

“Super Emilio is my 2-month-old with this special deletion called Apert Syndrome. I tell everyone he was made with a different recipe! At my 13 week ultrasound, we couldn’t find Super Emilio’s 10 fingers, nor could we find his 10 toes. Then, we had to have an emergency C-section; Super Mr. Emilio wanted to come out with a bang into this world! 

At his birth, I had a complete placental abruption with a hemorrhage, so we were rushed to the OR and put under general anesthesia. Super Emilio was born not breathing and couldn’t be stabilized. He had to be transferred to Valley Children’s Hospital so he could get the best care. 

After three days, we had to get an ostomy due to not having an anal opening. He also had a g-tube placed. We–as in the doctors and me, his mom— thought Super Emilio had choanal atresia with complete blockage. Then, on his first surgery, they scoped his nose and found out he just has narrowing. With that in mind, once he had his ostomy finished, they wanted to ween him off the ventilator to see if he was able to breathe on his own once he was out of surgery. Sure enough, he proved to us that he can breathe on his own. It took him only a week to have vents and cannulas off his beautiful face. 

Super Emilio is showing the world that even though he looks different and is ‘missing pieces’, he is not less of a person! He’s my mister. He loves his pací, his pacifier, even though we hold it for him. As far as his journey, he will have a lot more surgeries in the future. How many? I don’t know, but I will stand by him through it all. His family will stand by him. He loves his family, and he also just loves hearing people talk! Hopefully he can one day become a speaker or advocate for special people just like him. But whatever he chooses, we will help all the way. His family will be here to support him and to cheer him on as much as we can. He is Super Emilio and he is my fighter!”

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