Super Finn Lee


Super Finn Lee & his amazing mom are excited to share their story with you! I would like to introduce Finn Lee Delaney and this is his story!

Finn’s story began with a gender scan on the 14th April 13 it was a Sunday morning and Finn’s lovely godmother to be Nichola was treating me to a gender scan and I will always be thankful that she did, as soon as the sonographer started the scan I knew something was wrong she went on to tell me I was expecting a little boy! Followed by there is a problem with his heart!

My nightmare was only beginning I had weekly scans along with detailed scans of Finn’s heart the detailed scans showed Finn had hypoplastic right heart, tricuspid atresia, pulmonary stenosis, a VSD and a ASD. I was offered a medical termination I knew this was not an option for me I was not giving up on my son I was going to fight for him and with him.

Then on the 5 June 13 more bad news was thrown our way I was told Finn also had Edwards Syndrome and would not live for more than a few days, I was told comfort care would be the only option for my baby and if he got into difficulty during birth they would not assist him, so I decided to fight harder for my son I was not giving up on him before he entered this world and I would not let the doctors give up on him either I accepted the fact Finn was going to be born a CHD warrior but deep down in my heart I knew they were wrong about Edwards Syndrome so I refused amniocentesis and told them to wipe Finn’s slate clean and test him for everything once he was hear safely.


On the 16 July 13 my beautiful baby boy was delivered by C-section after 3 failed inductions and he was “PINK” yes pink lol we expected a blue baby I was a emotional wreck and lucky to have my mam by my side Finn weighed in @5lb 6oz and was baptized at birth, they whisked him away and started him on medication it was 3am before I got to see him briefly with a little cuddle the following morning he was transferred to crumlin children’s hospital by ambulance I was terrified I couldn’t go with him and he would be on his own until I got there, the following day I was discharged from the maternity hospital and I got to go be with Finn, on day four Finn was not doing well on the medication he had sleep apnea and was forgetting to breath they moved him to PICU he was very sick and needed emergency surgery within 24hrs, I was devastated, on the 21st July 13 as his surgeon talked me trough the surgery I made every excuse under the sun to stop him going but it had to be done at just 5 days old Finn had his 1st Open heart surgery my little brave warrior done fantastic and even came home just 10 days later, it was fantastic having him home his big brothers and big sister loved having him home.

Then on the 25th November 13 Finn had a cardiac catheterization to check his pressures they also had to enlarge the hole between his upper chambers (atrial septal defect) with a balloon septostomy catheter.

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On the 9th December 13 was surgery day for Open heart surgery #2, having to hand Finn over for a 3rd time that year was unbearable, Finn didn’t do to well after this surgery there was talk of them taking him back to theatre the first 24hrs after surgery are critical and Finn was having a rough time he was losing a lot of blood doctors advised me to have someone else come in so I wasn’t alone for bad news my mam arrived and that night was the longest night of my life I was terrified. But amazingly Finn pulled trough he didn’t need to go back to theatre the blood loss settled and doctors were able to control it over night, Finn is the strongest bravest little fighter I know, even tho there are more surgeries ahead and a possible heart transplant I know my baby boy has got this we are in this together and we won’t let CHD win this fight.

Finn is now a beautiful happy smiling 14 month old he amazes me every day, I am so glad I didn’t give up on my little warrior he has changed my life for the better and I will fight CHD with him until the end.

Thank you for reading our story.
Aoife & Warrior Finn

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