Super Gracie

ATTENTION, TINYSUPERHEROES COMMUNITY: Super Gracie, has the gift of supervision. She sees the world in such an in-depth way that it is important that we give her incredible story the same care and attention. Here is the origin story of Super Gracie, as told by Super Mom Jessica:

“Being told that my child, Super Gracie, had Level 2 Borderline Level 3 Autism and was non-verbal terrified me. I didn’t know what my baby’s journey was going to entail. I didn’t know how I would be able to take care of all of her needs to ensure she had the best chance at a happy, functional life. 

“She avoids eye contact and large crowds, as they can cause her to become overstimulated. When feeling overwhelmed, she would run out of the room. People sometimes interpret it as rudeness, but I wish these strangers would get to know her and be less quick to judge her, as they don’t know anything about how much she has already overcome. 

“Since her diagnosis shortly after her second birthday, Super Gracie has gotten past her sensory texture issues. She has also started talking, singing, and reading non-sight words. She is even going to school 2 days a week! Greetings and initial interactions are still difficult for her, but they’re becoming easier every day. Her social language use isn’t fully functional yet, and she often struggles with how she should reply to kids and adults, but I’m confident that the circle of communication (sending, receiving, and responding to messages) will be closing in the future. For now, she is so happy to be able to talk in order to make sure her needs are met. 

“Her progress has shown me that I don’t have to be scared for her. Some things may take her a few tries, but if she fails, she keeps trying. She practices until she gets it; she doesn’t give up. She used to have confidence issues, and she would often feel self-conscious. Now, however, we work on finding her strengths and building on them so she feels successful. Some of her favorite things to do are to play catch and go swimming. She also loves reading. 

“Super Gracie is so, so smart. She also has a gift for empathy. She sympathizes with everyone, and she is just the sweetest little girl I could’ve ever asked for. At the end of the day, she sees the world so much more in depth than we do. She makes me stop and take the time to notice.”

Go, Super Gracie! Thanks to this TinySuperhero and her super family for sharing this story with us.

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