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Super Gracie


Meet Super Gracie!  This incredible young lady joins our squad with the Chronic Lung Disease and Tracheobronchial Malacia as her superpowers!

Super Gracie is almost ten years old.  When she was just three months old she caught RSV.  RSV is a very serious virus when contracted by babies, and because of this Gracie spent eight and a half months in the PICU after initially contracting the virus.  During her stay there she had many struggles and surgeries in between to get her better.  Gracie’s parents know, without a doubt, that God has BIG plans for her — for allowing her not only to survive, but thrive as sick as she was.  After her discharge from the hospital Super Gracie had to use her superpowers to fight against countless other surgeries and procedures, including a cleft lip and palate repair.  Over 100 times Super Gracie has been wheeled away from her parents and into a surgery or procedure to help her get better.  This is incredibly hard for her mom and dad to see, but Gracie uses all of her superpowers to be strong and brave against whatever she is faced with.  When Gracie was five years old she learned that she would need a double lung transplant so she’d be able to live a longer life.

Super Gracie has had a few scary moments in her life that have been incredibly difficult for her and her parents to endure.  When she was just four months old she coded and stop breathing completely.  The doctors and nurses worked tirelessly and she was able to come back and breathe again.  When Gracie had her first lung reduction surgery, the odds of her surviving were only 10%.  However, Super Gracie crushed these odds and used her superpowers and strength to power through!  She has undergone three total lung reduction surgeries, and now she lives with only half a lung.  Because of this Gracie is need of a double lung transplant.  She is currently undergoing the early phases of testing to get her on the transplant list. Gracie and her family visited back and forth from Alabama to Texas for various evaluations for four years. Most recently, in March of 2017, they picked up their family and moved to the Houston area, which is a requirement to be close to Texas Children’s Hospital to place a child on the active donor list. Super Gracie has undergone many MANY procedures, testing, and bloodwork to help prepare her for transplant, and ensure that she is in the best possible place (physically) that she can be for such a major surgery/recovery.

Super Gracie is an amazing and incredible young lady that needs some assistance in breathing and doing activities that require a lot of exertion.  Sometimes because of her ventilator and trach people stare.  Instead of staring, Super Gracie and her parents wish that people would talk to them instead and ask questions!  Super Gracie is just your typical ten year old girl with super sick lungs.  She loves Duck Dynasty and her biggest wish In life is to meet Willie Robertson.  It is hard for Gracie though because she is not able to swim, cannot walk long distances, and is not able to attend regular school due to germs and potential infection risks.  However, Super Gracie takes everything she is faced with in stride and is a happy girl with an infectious smile. She has touched more lives that her or her family will ever truly realize. They continue to give God all the glory and praise for the work He has done and continues to do in Gracie’s life. Gracie’s mom says that she has the best possible medical team ever!

So what’s next up for Super Gracie?  Well, she continues to use her superpowers to combat any infections or surgeries that come her way.  Most recently she had a Bronchoscopy and Laryngoscopy as well as some biopsies and tests on her tummy and liver.  She is in the early phases of testing and procedures for a double lung transplant.  Hopefully she will be on the list and getting two new lungs very soon! Super Gracie and her family are in the waiting stage right now.  They are waiting on the medical review board to give the go ahead to place her on the active donor list. They have been living in Texas for three months and the average time for waiting on the donor list, transplant, and recovery is six months to a year. Super Gracie and her family will be in Houston, away from their family, friends, loved ones, and church family for a while longer. They are all very anxious for Gracie to receive her new lungs and have a second chance at a normal life.  Super Gracie’s family asks that you pray for her and her family on this long journey they have ahead of them.

You can follow Gracie on her Facebook page and Caring Bridge Page.  We are so thrilled to have Gracie on our squad and just know that she’ll received her new superpowered lungs soon!

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