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Super Graisun

We are so thrilled to have Super Graisun as part of our TinySuperheroes squad!  Super Graisun just turned a year old and he brings with him Gastroparesis, Laryngomalacia, severe acid reflux, and Liver Hemangioma as his super powers!

Graisun was born in June of 2016 and ever since he has been showing off his superpowers and fighting anything that stands in his way.  Soon after Graisun was born he was admitted to the NICU for low blood sugar.  Graisun also had some other issues that he was fighting against, including lots and lots of spitting up, trouble eating and keeping his food down, and eventually trouble breathing.  A few times he stopped breathing altogether and turned blue — this was very scary for his parents because they didn’t know exactly what was wrong with him.  Super Graisun had a lot of tests run and saw a lot of doctors.  At an early ultrasound they found lumps in his liver, and soon after, when he was only two and a half months old, he was put under anesthesia to have an MRI done.  This gave some answers as to why Graisun was so sick — one of his superpowers was discovered, Liver Hemangioma.  More time and more tests for Graisun and a lot of fighting for him to gain weight and eat and not throw up, he was finally diagnosed with not only Liver Hemangioma but also Gastroparesis and Laryngomalacia. Over the past year he has had several MRIs and tons of feeding and swallow studies done. At one point he was under 5 doctors care and seeing each of them very often.

Super Graisun has a lot of superpowers that he uses every single day!  With his superpowers means Graisun is a small little guy; however, he has overcome so much with learning to eat, overcoming breathing troubles, and battling through lots and lots of tests.  He may be little but he is mighty and strong and has faced anything he has been put up against and fights through it!  Graisun is tiny but a mighty TinySuperhero at that!  His parents are always watching him and making sure he’s eating and growing and not falling off the growth charts.  Graisun spends most of his day working on feedings and taking medicine.  He is currently taking 4 medications regularly with other medications thrown in along with his regular ones. He still requires EleCare formula due to low weight gain and dairy and soy allergies. Along with making sure he eats enough Super Graisun’s parents have to watch what he eats very closely. Any dairy will make him sick for days.

However, even with his challenges and superpowers Graisun is an amazing kiddo and we are so happy to have him on our squad!  He has overcome so much in such a little amount of time; we know there are BIG things in store for this TinySuperhero!

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