Super Hunter!

Some days, especially lately, it seems like we wake up to find that the world is different than how it was before. One TinySuperhero, Super Hunter, has some experience with that feeling. But she’s here to show us how she overcame uncertainty and adversity to become the best hero she can be!

At first, Super Hunter’s origin story seemed like a mostly average one. Then, when she was nearly a year old, everything changed.

“Hunter started having a seizure,” says Super Mom Arielle. “She had never had any health issues before. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and locked there. She started grunting. She had a seizure for about a minute, and I had my other daughter wake up her dad. Hunter started choking on vomit so he induced vomiting. After that, she stopped having a seizure. We already had 911 on the phone with an ambulance on the way. When they got here, she was stable but barely breathing. She was then rushed to the emergency room. We thought she stopped breathing on a couple of instances.”

The seizures continued. Super Hunter has had to relearn everything she knew, including holding a bottle and walking. Every three months, or after every seizure, Super Hunter has to be put under anesthesia to check for brain damage. But Super Hunter has never let this deter her. She amazed everyone by re-learning her skills within a few weeks. Plus, her personality continues to shine!

On top of loving to eat, watch TV, and play with toys, Super Hunter also loves to play with Super Sibling Harley. Super Sibling Harley is always making Super Hunter feel better by showing her new things. But Super Hunter has already shown us something too!

“She has overcome so much,” says Super Mom Arielle. “She had a seizure that lasted 3 hours, but she survived and is even smarter. She is outgoing, and she loves to play. Even though she has seizures, she doesn’t let that stop her. Her goal is to kick seizures to the curb and show the world she is amazing.”

She’s already well on her way to her goal. Everyone at TinySuperheroes can already tell how amazing Super Hunter and her super family is! Go, Super Hunter!

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