Super Isaac

Super Dad Josue brings us the captivating and incredible story of his son, Super Isaac: 

“Super Isaac was born prematurely by two months via emergency C-section. When they pulled him out, I saw my son for about five seconds. He did not move. He did not cry. After that, I did not get to see him for another three hours. He’d suffered a brain bleed (a grade 2 brain bleed on the left side and a grade 4 on the right). He had jaundice, too. His kidneys were not functioning properly, and he had a collapsed lung. Baby couldn’t breathe on his own. Doctors were doing damage control, and they told us to accept the very real possibility that he might not make it. It had all gone downhill so fast….

“Over the next few weeks, it was scary to see Super Isaac connected to so many machines that were all doing the same thing: keeping him alive. Carrying him for the first time was scary, too. He was just shy of 3 lbs. 

“But Super Isaac is resilient. Hearing that your baby needs head surgery is hard, but not even two hours after he had EVD tube surgery, our boy was hearing us and smiling. He’s very strong over all, and everything he’s overcome is incredible. He taught us so much, and he has also taught the doctors and nurses while he was in the hospital, as his case was so unique to many of those who helped him along the way.

“With the pandemic we are living through, only close friends and family have met him, but everyone that has met Super Isaac loves him. He’s got two older brothers who didn’t get to meet him until he came home. Leaving our kids with family while we were gone for about 4-6 hours a day in order to be with our other boy was harder on us than them. But the boys were very understanding, and they just couldn’t wait to meet him. They help us and Super Isaac with everything he needs. They love to brag about their cute little brother. They love him to death. 

“For his part, Super Isaac loves his cuddles from Mom and jokes from his dad. He loves dancing with us when we watch YouTube videos. He loves tummy time and being around his family. 

“In the future, he may have trouble speaking, walking, seeing…or he may have trouble with nothing at all. Only time will tell, but if Super Isaac has proven anything in his short life, it’s that he’s a warrior.”

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