Super Isabella

“When Super Isabella was three-months-old, she was air-lifted for the first time to Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee. The doctors said they didn’t think she would make the flight …. Then, we couldn’t see her or touch her for days until she wasn’t as fragile. A month and a half later, they told us to take her home from the hospital and love her as she most likely wouldn’t live to be one. As her first birthday approached, all I wanted to do was erase it from the calendar. If she wasn’t having her first birthday, she wouldn’t be nearer to death would she? Made perfect sense to me … at the time!

By the way …

Super Isabella is now ten-years-old!
She still has a heart transplant in her future, but she’s TEN!!!”

-Super Mom Sandi

Super Isabella, the sweet, happy superhero who sings even through the toughest of times, is battling dilated cardiomyopathy, which is why she will need a heart transplant in her near future. Also, she is battling three rare genetic conditions.

“Super Isabella came to us as a three-week-old foster placement. On her first night with us, we noticed several things that just weren’t quite right for a newborn. That started our long medical journey with our Super Isabella! After spending the first year of her life in and out of the hospital, the diagnosis list got longer and our hearts fell more and more in love with this beautiful girl! We were eventually able to adopt our Isabella Angel, but her health journey continued to be a rough one!” 

One of Super Isabella’s superpowers is her love for seemingly simple things in life.  It has led others to also look at things from different angles! But her biggest superpower is her radiant smile that she almost always has! Even through tough times, Super Isabella can smile, which helps her family to smile too!

One of the scariest moments of Super Super Isabella’s journey was when she was flown to Mott’s Children’s Hospital for a never before done procedure! She was admitted to the ICU for the bypass and patch of her belly vessels. That’s when the horrible seizures started…

“The daily fear of those debilitating seizures stay with us, but as each day passes and it gets further from her last one, we rest a bit easier!” 

Anything physical is a challenge for Super Isabella. Her heart doesn’t tolerate much activity, and she also has a fusion of her spine due to one of her genetic conditions. She cannot be around any “flying balls,” cannot do tumbling, or do anything strenuous. But Super Isabella’s spirit is strong! And all Super Isabella wants to do is play basketball or kick a soccer ball.

“She tries, but can’t do much without coming in clutching her chest, laying down and saying, ‘It hurts so bad mommy.’ Those times never end.” 

In a superhero’s time of need is when the Super Sidekicks step up to save the day. And that is exactly what Super Isabella’s three sidekick sisters do! Grace, Hope and Faith are the names of these three AMAZING sidekick sisters! Since Super Isabella loves to play basketball, her sisters thought about changing the way they play, so Super Isabella could be a part of the game! They make a four-square type box with their bodies, pass the ball between them, and shoot! There is no running involved for Super Isabella, and she still feels part of the team! For soccer, Super Isabella stands in the goal area, and her sisters roll the ball to her or gently kick it. Then, Super Isabella waits until the ball comes to her.. she kicks … and SCORES!!

Super Isabella’s oldest sister, Faith, is in her first year of college. This was extremely difficult on Super Isabella as her and her oldest sister are extremely close! But Sidekick Faith has been completely inspired by Super Isabella’s medical journey. It has led her to go into the field of medicine, quite possibly a pediatric cardiologist!

The genetic conditions will always be a part of Super Isabella, so as she grows it will continue to have to learn what to watch for and how to handle the issues as they arise.

“Every time there is something ‘new’ for Super Isabella, (she wears bilateral hearing aids, glasses, braces, and uses a power wheelchair,) she is afraid people will take notice and laugh or point and whisper. Super Isabella always says she would rather have someone ask a question instead of stare, point or whisper. We always tell her she is so beautiful and people cannot help but to point, stare or whisper about her beauty!” 

Super Isabella’s beauty is obvious, both inside and out! She is very musically inclined: she sings, plays cello and listens to her latest favorites! She is also starting to like cooking and loves princesses, Belle being her favorite!

In the end, while life will always have a struggle of one kind or another for Super Isabella, her joy, determination and mostly her love for her family, friends, church and life in general will carry her to superhuman places!

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