Super James!

Have no fear! Super James is here!

Diagnosed with autism, OCD, anxiety, and a feeding disorder, Super James has struggled with feeding and being physically close to other people since he was born. Yet even when he is up against panic attacks and the unknown, Super James displays true strength and perseverance by continuing to meet new people and try new foods anyway.  

Says Super Mom Stephanie, “Through different therapy and medication management, James is learning to control his anxiety. Though we still struggle with feeding every day, we learn something new, and we don’t give up.”

One way Super James overcomes his anxiety is by counting to ten while breathing deeply and hugging his loved ones. And as Super James’ world gets bigger, he shows those loved ones what he sees and thinks about the world through his love of coloring. He also collects all sorts of different things, including these new friends and favorite foods!

Super James also loves superheroes, so it comes as no surprise that he is a superhero himself. It’s not a secret identity! Everyone can tell.

“James loves everyone,” says Super Mom Stephanie. “Though he is afraid, he cares and only ever wants to help. [He has]  compassion, and his ability to empathize with feelings is magnificent. He feels very strongly. I believe he can achieve anything he desires.”

We believe the same thing! Go, Super James! 

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