Super Jasmine

Super Jasmine wears her pink helmet

“When Super Jasmine was born,” says Super Parent Marti, “we noticed something was different about her head. After countless appointments with her pediatrician, we felt we had to seek a second opinion. That was when doctors finally noticed something was wrong. They referred us to an orthopedic specialist. At her appointment with the specialist, she was officially diagnosed with craniosynostosis.”

Craniosynostosis is a diagnostic term meaning that the bones of a baby’s skull have joined together too early, as in before the brain has fully formed. This can lead to increased pressure on the brain.

“It was scary. We wondered if we had waited too long for the second opinion, and we feared how this would affect Super Jasmine’s ability to develop at the right rate.”

Turns out, this hero has been developing at the rate that is right for her.  She has also developed quite the daredevil reputation!

Says Marti, “When she wears her helmet out, we get a lot of looks and questions, mainly by other children. We explain that Super Jasmine was born different, and she wears her helmet to make her head better. We also say that her helmet keeps her head safe because she’s a bit of a daredevil!”

Super Jasmine is more than just a bit brave. Plus, in addition to being a courageous hero, she is also a happy one.

“Even when she has to get her head scanned at follow-up appointments with her orthopedic specialist, she’s always a happy baby,” says Marti. “She loves bath time, cuddles, and playing with her brother.  He is her loving big brother, and as a toddler, he is learning how to be gentle with his sister during playtime.”

Thankfully, playtime is plentiful. This hero is always game for a round of peek-a-boo. She also loves to play with her soft baby doll. She is willing to take a break from play, however, if it means having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. These make even a tough day peanut better

Hearing Super Jasmine’s story has made all of our days better, too. We are wishing this hero great success on her incredible journey. Super huge thanks to Super Jasmine and her family for sharing her origin story with us. 

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