Super Jaxson

Pay attention, everyone! Super Jaxson is here to teach us about determination and never giving up. 

In 2016, Super Jaxson was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome and LGS (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome)

“We knew something was wrong but did not get the final diagnosis until December 2016 when he coded in the ER, and we almost lost him,” says Super Mom Kristina. “His diagnosis is complicated and hard to treat, but he is doing amazing right now. We hope that continues for a while. We do not know what lies ahead for Super Jaxson. Anything could change at any time.” 

But one thing that has not changed is Super Jaxson’s incredible ability to rise to any challenge, as well as his love for learning.

Says Super Mom Kristina, “This year Jaxson started in a special education kindergarten class. I was super upset that he could not attend the school where his two brothers go, but it ended up being the best thing for him. He has learned more already than we thought he ever could.”

She says Super Jaxson also loves watching educational videos on YouTube. But it’s not all work and no play for Super Jaxson! He also loves his Muppets blanket, his Baby Shark stuffed animal, pizza, Toy Story, and his brothers. 

“Super Jax has a twin brother named Jacen and an older brother named Zakary. They are amazing with him and help him so much. They do get emotional when Super Jax is in the hospital, afraid he won’t come home, but Super Jax is so sweet and so loving. He overcomes all the obstacles in his way.”

We believe in you, Super Jax! Thank you for teaching us all about what it means to be a Superhero.

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