Super Jaydie

Super Jaydie takes a much-needed rest from a tough day

Very little about Super Jaydie’s heroic heart is normal, but that’s exactly why she has the power to give and receive tremendous love. Here is her story, from Super Parent Jade:

“We found out about Super Jaydie’s diagnosis (a very rare combination of four congenital heart defects) when she was in utero at 20 weeks pregnant. The anatomy of her heart is completely backwards.  Her pediatricians say it’s a miracle that she even made it to term.

 When she was first born, she was too sick to eat or even cry. Her lungs couldn’t handle it. She’s already had one open-heart surgery, a PA (pulmonary artery) banding. This was the scariest part of her journey so far. The anesthesiologist had a hard time establishing Super Jaydie’s central line so she was under a lot longer than they had anticipated. The surgery caused her pulmonary beds to be hypersensitive; she quit breathing numerous times, and after surgery, her heart stopped. It took the doctors five days to wean her off of oxygen.

Despite all of this scariness, Super Jaydie is still such a calm baby. She just looks so genuinely happy at all times. She loves cuddles with Mommy and her play mat. When she can’t cuddle with Mommy, she is comforted by swaddles and her binky. She also loves to be sung to.

Nothing about Super Jaydie’s heart is normal, but you would never know it by looking at her. She’s a warrior.  She has overcome all odds to make it into this world. Since her anatomy is backwards, the fact that her heart is functioning is mind-blowing. And while she breathes rapidly at all times and everything makes her tired, she can now stay awake during her feedings! She’s eating by mouth. 

Still, Super Jaydie has a long road ahead of her. She will eventually need a pacemaker. She will also have to have a major reconstructive heart surgery, one called the double switch, once her PA starts to fail. We are hoping that she will not need to have any more surgery between now and then. In the meantime, her family–including her three older sisters–will continue to support her and be her biggest fans. I think that Super Jaydie is extra extraordinary.”

Go, Super Jaydie! Super thanks to the family for sharing her story.

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