Super Jenson

Super Jenson in a superhero's cape

Super Jenson’s story is a tale of  many heroes! Above all, however, it is a story about courage, positive attitudes, and working together through the toughest of times. Here is our main hero’s story,  as told by Super Parent Jess:

“In February of this year, Super Jenson managed to climb into a running bath, where he suffered severe scalding on up to 94 percent of his body. He was airlifted straight to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Days later, during a surgery to have a stoma created to prevent infection, the surgeons discovered that half of his bowel had died due to shock. They removed this half and went ahead with the stoma. We were told we had 48 hours for the rest of the bowel to come alive again. Super Jenson was given a 3 percent chance of survival. 

Two days later, his bowel was still black. Things didn’t look good. He had to have a further 3 centimeters removed, and his stoma was moved to the other side…but this side, miraculously, was fleshy pink. It has been ever since. 

I can’t explain the emotions we went through as a family over the next 5 weeks that he spent in the ICU. We prayed every single day that our little boy would fight to stay with us. When he was transferred to the burns ward for a couple of months, he continued to have surgery 3 times per week in order to  prevent infection, as he had no skin.  Super Jenson needed grafts on his legs, feet, bottom, and tummy. After this, he spent another 3 months on the gastro ward. During this time, Mummy and Daddy were trained to do all of his caring. 

Finally, we managed to get Super Jenson home. Naively, when I imagined him back home, I envisioned it being exactly how it was before the accident. Super Jenson, however, had to learn all of the minor movements again. His Small Bowel Syndrome makes him reliant on feeds through a tube into a vein near his heart for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. He continues to be creamed and stretched 3 times per day, and he wears pressure garments to tame his scars. 

But my hero is ALIVE! And the majority of the time, he’s giggling his head off, being cheeky. He’s re-learning something new every day. 

To celebrate Super Jenson’s progress and the staff at Birmingham Children’s, our family plans to hold a charity ball at Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in Fillongley, England, on February 27. There will be a three-course meal and a raffle. All proceeds will go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to ensure that they can continue to care for the children and families in need, as they have done for us. Two tables have been reserved for some of the staff that personally helped save Super Jenson! 

I needed to tell Super Jenson’s story and share these pictures firstly to show how the hospital staff has been amazing and helped us through a horrific ordeal. Secondly, I want to stress the importance of not leaving a bath running, no matter how safe you think it is. Check the temperature of your hot water, as it’s clear that not all landlords carry out the proper tests prior to housing families with small children. 

Super Jenson’s affected us all in different ways. There are going to be blips here and there. Whilst teething and biting through his lines, he’s been in and out of hospital for repairs and further surgery. But right now, I have hope that things can only get better.

Super Jenson received his cape and his new shoes in one day! 👌
Now my little super human is running around like a true hero! 🦸‍♂️

Thank you so much TinySuperheroes, from the bottom of my heart. You’ve made one little boy very happy! What you do is amazing and you should be so proud.”

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