Super Josephina

Super Josephina on a banana blanket

Super Josephina’s heroic story of determination and unwavering positivity, as told by Super Mom Gracie:

“At my anatomy scan, we found out that Super Josephina’s intestines were on the outside. She had gastroschisis repair done two hours after her birth. She spent 78 days in the NICU.

Those days were very scary, but the scariest would probably be her second surgery. Super Josephina struggled with keeping her food down after she came home from the hospital for the first time. She ended up losing a lot of weight and had to have a procedure called the Nissen fundoplication, during which they also placed her g-tube. This was on St. Patrick’s Day. After this stay, she was diagnosed with Dumping Syndrome. Every bottle she drank came out five minutes later. She ended up being admitted again and had to be put on continuous feeds due to her hypoglycemia. If she wasn’t getting food through her tube, her blood sugar would drop. She was on continuous feeds for 5 months. At 1 year old, she now is no longer on tube feeds! We are hoping that her weight continues to increase and that her sugars maintain without tube feeds.

Super Josephina has grown and overcome a lot! She healed quickly after both surgeries and was always really strong for mommy and daddy, especially during her multiple hospital stays. She was delayed on milestones, but she is catching up fast. She overcame oral aversion all on her own! She loves avocados now. She also loves to dance. Recently, she has been really into “Baby Shark” and Sofia the First! 

Through every medical procedure, test, and hospital stay, Super Josephina has always had a smile on her face. Even at 3 pounds, 15.5 ounces, she was so much stronger than I could have even hoped, and she continues to prove to us her strength everyday.”

Keep it up, Super Josephina! Huge thanks to Super Mom Gracie for sharing this story with us.

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