Super Joshua

So little is known about Rare Genetic Disorders of Obesity (by the public and the medical community). And a stigma is well know that obesity = over eating and/or not getting exercise.

Super Joshua (or Joshy to his family) has a Rare Genetic Disorder of Obesity; including abnormal growth, autism, sleep apnea, liver fibrosis and other symptoms. There’s a slight abnormality in the WDPCP gene. He is at this time, the first known recorded case! Truly Extraordinary! So, getting it recognized as a syndrome medically speaking is a challenge.

He grows much quicker than others. Although he is 4, he’s the average height of a 7-year-old. He has been to countless doctors in multiple states. There are no real treatments for his disorder other than controlled diet and exercise; which do not stop the weight gain or growth. He and his family work hard to find out-of-the-box thinking doctors and specialists.

“We face a lot of misunderstandings and judgements from others regularly. And fear the future. Our hope is to stay positive, educate people willing to hear our story and pray for a long happy future with our superhero.” 

Despite everything, Super Joshua is known for loving everyone and loving life. TinySuperheroes is so PROUD to have Super Joshua on our Squad. 

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