Super Jude

Super Jude began life going back and forth between cooling and heating beds in the hospital. Ever since, however, he has been the one warming people’s hearts! Here is the amazing story of Super Jude, as told by Super Mom Jessica: 

“Super Jude was injured at birth when he became stuck and went 13 minutes without oxygen. He spent 72 hours on a cooling bed in order to minimize the risk of brain damage. He then had to spend 24 hours on a warming bed. After several brain scans and blood transfusions, Super Jude was left with zero movement in his right arm at birth. We were told by the doctors that he had low brain activity, and they weren’t sure he would make it. 

Super Jude was way braver than his mommy! He came out of his surgeries–and later from his nerve transfer–like nothing ever happened.  

Ever since, Super Jude has been able to do with one arm what most do with two!  He loves to run his fingers through his Mommy’s hair for comfort. He also loves dancing, snacking, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, playing outside, and hanging out with Super Siblings Jillian and Jayden. 

Even when he has a hard time standing up, or when he has difficulty holding certain cups or items, he doesn’t let anything hold him back. I knew TinySuperheroes were strong, but I never knew how strong these little Superheroes could be until Super Jude!

From his scary and uncertain beginning to now,  Super Jude has just amazed me. He isn’t 100 percent out of the water for brain damage or seizures, and he also may need some tendon or corrective surgeries for his arm. Even so, Super Jude is always happy and ready to dance and play.  He brightens a room with just his smile! He truly is our miracle and we are blessed beyond belief.”

Super big thanks to Super Jude and Jessica for sharing this wonderful story with us. Go, Super Jude! 

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