Super Keegan

Super Keegan shares facts about his super life on a chalkboard

Super Keegan did not speak during the first years of his life, but don’t let that fool you: he still has an incredible story to tell! Super Mom Kaisa wrote in to help him tell it:

“In April 2013, a beautiful baby boy was born. Up to this point, Super Keegan’s journey had been steady, and he was totally healthy aside from the fact that he was tongue-tied. He had his first surgery two days after birth, but it was a rather simple surgery. Super Keegan was a happy lil’ boy all through that first year. We had no idea what was yet to come…

Around the time Mommy found out she was pregnant again, we also learned that Super Keegan was behind in his milestones. Doctors told us that it was normal and that he would progress on his own terms. 

During this time, we could tell Super Keegan wanted to be a part of every moment of his baby brother’s journey. He wanted to help with everything he could possibly do…but he still was not talking. By his second birthday, we were concerned. By his third, we learned Super Keegan was still tongue-tied, and he had to undergo yet another surgery to try and fix it. 

That same year, Super Keegan was hospitalized again, this time as a result of a disease called HSP (Henoch-Schönlein Purpura). HSP causes inflammation of blood vessels. The swollen blood vessels leak into the skin, joints, intestines, and kidneys. Super Keegan’s body was covered in bruises, and he was so swollen that he wasn’t able to walk without screaming in pain. It took him two weeks to recover, and he had to have kidney checks every week to make sure he didn’t go into kidney failure.

Yet even after all of this, Super Keegan still wasn’t talking. In October, Super Keegan had a hearing test and was diagnosed with significant hearing loss, labeling him as deaf. By December, however, with the help of hearing aides, Super Keegan heard everything for what seemed like the first time! 

Since then, Super Keegan has excelled in his speech. He has remained a super huge helper when it comes to his siblings. And let me tell you, he loves to read!”

Good for you, Super Keegan! The TSH community loves to read, too. We especially love heart-warming, heroic stories like Super Keegan’s. Super big thanks to this hero and Super Parent Kaisa for sharing their journey with us.

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