Super Keleigh

One incredible TinySuperhero, Super Keleigh, has proven that no barrier, expectation, or other challenge can stop her…not even the line between life and death! 

“Super Keleigh was born by emergency C-section,” explains Super Mom Rhonda. “Her placenta had detached, and she had died in-womb. Still, doctors managed to revive her, and she went on a ventilator. Within 24 hours of birth, however, she had a seizure that lasted another 24 hours. All tests showed she had severe HIE (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy). This affects the central part of her brain; her temporal lobe does not function, and the parietal lobe is damaged as well. In her short time on earth, she has also been diagnosed with epilepsy, spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, Mesial Temporal Sclerosis, Microcephaly, legal blindness in the left eye, and two autoimmune disorders.”

“Super Keleigh spent six weeks in NICU. Four of these she spent on a ventilator. Since that time, she’s had several more seizures that caused trips to the ER. She’s had two Grand Mal Seizures within six months of one another. For the last one, she needed to be airlifted to Philly because none of her rescue medications were helping. After many tests, we found she had a really severe case of pneumonia that resulted in that particular Grand Mal.”

Rhonda also writes that another of Super Keleigh’s diagnoses is that she is a non-verbal Superhero. Still, there is no doubt that her awe-inspiring story speaks for itself!

“We are so proud of her and how far she’s come,” says Rhonda. “She’s had tongue clip surgery due to the fact that she was tongue tied. She had trouble feeding for a while, and she had to have help during that time trying out different bottles. She also had surgery on her left eye at one to correct her eye. She’s had so many challenges throughout her short four years on earth, but she is nothing but a miracle in my eyes! She has a purpose, and so do I. I’m here to help guide her and give her the best care possible.”

Confidence in your purpose is one of the strongest superpowers. Go,  Super Keleigh! The TSH community is so fortunate to have this TinySuperhero and her extraordinary family on the Squad.

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