Super Kinley

Super Kinley in the car

The origin story of Super Kinley, as told from Super Mom Andrea’s perspective:

“We found out about Super Kinley’s heart disease 24 hours after she was born: Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome with large PDA. Super Kinley was brought to the NICU and put on a medication to keep the valve in her heart open. It was a line placed in her umbilical stump, so she was unable to be moved for a few days. This meant we couldn’t hold our baby. She would fall so deeply asleep that she would stop breathing all together and have to be stimulated to catch her breath. 

“After a week, she got MRSA, and she had a high fever. We worried about her being septic. Super Kinley had a few procedures that she was intubated for, and that was terrifying. She would have nights she did well, but during others, she would stop breathing often. She needed an open heart surgery called the Norwood procedure, where a shunt is placed to help push O2-rich blood to the lungs.

“She did well in surgery but suffered significant heart arrhythmias once she was in recovery. She needed extra supervision. She also came down with another infection; no one knew what it was other than that it left her white cell count being 3 times the normal. Still, Super Kinley fought every single day. And since then, Super Kinley has overcome multiple infections, surgery, daily medications, and six-week cardiology visits. Through it all, she keeps thriving!

“Super Kinley has come such a long way. On days when she is upset, she loves to cuddle and sing. She loves movies! Coco, The Lorax, Moana, Mickey Mouse… She also loves every single food she has ever eaten, and more.

“Super Kinley has a big sister named Alivia. Super Sibling Alivia is so sweet and understanding. Any procedures Super Kinley needs, Super Alivia has to stay with family–even if that means a 49 day sleepover. Super Alivia can’t start school this year because of the higher risk of Super Kinley getting covid-19. Super Kinley needs a lot of mommy’s attention, but Super Alivia is just so so understanding. She loves her sissy so much.

Sometimes Super Kinley watches her sister do something that she can’t do due to easy exhaustion. Other times, when she and her sister are playing or if it is too hot a day, she struggles to breathe. Super Kinley will need another surgery once her shunt clots off. But she is strong-willed and stubborn. She will always prevail.”

Go, Super Kinley! Even though this hero has had some trouble sleeping, it’s clear nothing can stop her dreams. Big thanks to Super Kinley and her family for sharing this incredible story. 

Super Kinley in a blanket

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