Super Korbyn!

ATTENTION: Super Korbyn is here to show us what the rare traits of bravery and kindness can do. 

“Super Korbyn was born with severe combined immunodeficiency,” says Super Dad Adam. “SCID is a group of rare disorders, and Super Korbyn has been through more stuff than any baby should have to go through. All these tests and labs and all these meds…He’s received a blood transfusion and a central line 3 times.”

Yet Super Korbyn shows no fear when it comes to procedures! His superpowers include unbeatable inner strength and stunning perseverance.

Says Super Dad Adam, “The whole chemo process seems scary, but he’s the strongest little boy I’ve ever met. He’s been through more stuff than I have ever been.”

And even though he shows no fear, Super Korbyn does show love to his two older brothers, Kobe and Kycen, as well as to his parents. He has so much that he is fighting for!

“His brothers love him very much and just want their brother home. Everyone just loves him and thinks he’s the cutest thing ever. He loves cuddling with  Mommy and Daddy and his little toys and his star nightlight.”

Just like a nightlight, Korbyn shines bright even when things seem darkest. This week, it is especially important that we shine a light on his courage and amazing feats. On April 13, Super Korbyn received a stem cell transplant. Go Super Korbyn! Everyone at Tiny Superheroes is inspired by your story. 

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