Super Kyngston

As a baby with hypotonic cerebral palsy, Super Kyngston could not crawl or hold his head up. Ever since then, however, this TinySuperhero has accomplished so much. He deserves to hold his head high with pride! With his superpowered positive attitude and his astonishing persistence, he keeps his chin up when life seems hard.

Super Kyngston and his family received his diagnosis after first seeing a physical therapist and then a neurologist. There was fear about the future, as Super Kyngston was not able to hold his own weight. But then, at 18 months, Super Kyngston began crawling, and it was only a matter of time before he was walking with a walker, as well as climbing up the stairs on his own.

Says Super Mom Jadelyn, “Every day, Super Kyngston struggles with walking. He wants to be like the other kids. He can’t run and jump like his friends, and he gets frustrated. He cannot walk without assistance. Yet Super Kyngston has the most motivation to be great! He pushes himself to overcome his setbacks. When he falls, he gets back up. He knows when to ask for help. If things get scary, he will ask for Mom or Grandma. He realizes that he is different from his friends, and people do notice his glasses and AFOS (Ankle Foot Orthosis), but he doesn’t give up. He knows he is very loved.”

“Super Kyngston has a long journey ahead of him, full of therapy and braces to help him. He might walk differently or need assistance forever. Even still, every time Super Kyngston takes a step, he has the biggest smile on his face and claps for himself. He knows that he is special.”

Amazing, Super Kyngston. It’s an honor to have this hero on the Squad! Super big thanks to Super Kyngston and his family for sharing this incredible story of courage and hope with us. 

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