Super Lachlan

One member of the Squad, Super Lachlan, has a special love for sharks. Just like his favorite animal, this TinySuperhero has proven that he is never in over his head! Despite the challenges he faces, he lives fearlessly, impressing everyone around him with his super grit and strength!

Says Super Mom Haley, “When Super Lachlan was 4 months old, we noticed that he was not rolling over and that he always kept his left hand fisted closed. We brought this up to the pediatrician, who said it was most likely how Super Lachlan was in the womb. By 6 months, however, Super Lachlan wasn’t rolling either way, wasn’t using his left hand, and wasn’t sitting up on his own. The doctor then told us he was delayed in his development. Once we explained it was his left side, she examined him more. That’s when she noticed that his left side had just become useless to him. 

“At this point, the pediatrician ordered an X-ray to make sure nothing was injured. She also got him in with a neurologist, who ordered an MRI. Super Lachlan was 7 months old when his neurologist explained he had a Right Cortical brain malformation and borderline Cerebral Palsy. Within the next year, Super Lachlan would be hopsitalized three times for refusing to eat or drink, as well as a fourth time for a convulsing seizure that lasted over 8 minutes.

“But Super Lachlan is learning how to do everything in his own special way. For example, he is learning how to walk! He started walking ten days after his second birthday, and while he still struggles to climb stairs, and his left hand doesn’t work the way he wants it to, he is a fighter all the way.”

And Super Lachlan is not the only fighter in the family!

“Super Lachlan’s siblings are superheroes themselves. His older brother, Super Gareth, is always trying to help his brother. He gives Super Lachlan snacks and toys when he needs help, and Super Lachlan loves to do everything his big brother does. He loves to play with his cars, trains and blocks. He is his brother’s shadow. Super Lachlan also has a newborn little sister, Super Avatari. Unfortunately, Super Lachlan has not been able to meet her yet, as she is in the NICU, but he gets excited when he sees her pictures. He cheers. Super Lachlan is like that, just the goofiest boy. He always has a smile on his face.”

Coincidentally, Super Lachlan’s favorite animal is also known for showing its teeth! 

“His biggest obsession in the world is sharks,” says Haley. “It doesn’t matter if it is a video with Baby Shark or a real one. He will watch it over and over again.”

When swimming, sharks always move forward. Just like them, this hero is always making his own fearless way ahead. 

“He doesn’t give up,” says Haley. “He strives to figure out his own Lachy way to do something. He still has years of physical, speech, and occupational therapy, but even when he had feeding therapy, he was happy! So while it’s a long road ahead, and we’re still not sure what it all entails yet, he won’t let anything stop him.”

Go, Super Lachlan! Super big thanks to this hero and Super Parent Haley for sharing this story today.

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