Super Laki

Hey, heroes! Today we have a story about the importance of silliness, smiles, and the incredible gifts of Super Laki. Just like super speed or teleportation, sometimes super kindness can go a long way! Here to tell us more is Super Parent Tia: 

“At Super Laki’s 18 month check-up, I expressed concern about him not walking or talking. This led to the MCHAT (Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers) questions and a referral to a specialist. He was later diagnosed with autism and global developmental delay. On top of that, doctors had found a laryngeal cleft that needed to be repaired. The cleft repair was the scariest thing either of us have gone through, especially during a pandemic, but Super Laki is a fighter. He did amazing! 

“Also amazing is that over just a few months, Super Laki has made huge strides in communication. He has at least 25 words now when just two months ago he had about 8. He’s also balancing better, and he’s pretend playing now! He’s thriving–especially if he has Cheetos, chicken nuggets, trains, Little People toys, or the movies Nightmare Before Christmas and Wreck-It Ralph.

“Of course, sometimes Super Laki has rough moments. He has a hard time with bathtime and sleeping. He also struggles with expressing emotions and some self-harming behaviors. People have noticed these rough moments. He’s received dirty looks and some rude comments.  But he wants people to understand that it’s okay to be different!  It’s okay to sometimes not be okay. A gentle smile would go a long way. 

“One person who can comfort Super Laki is his six-year-old sister, Layla. She’s an amazing big sister,  and she is incredibly understanding of the fact that some days, Super Laki requires a lot of attention. She loves him so much; she tries to teach him something new everyday. 

In fact, Super Laki has so many people to love him: his big sister, his mommy, his uncles, his poppie, and Nana. We have lots of therapies ahead of us, but Super Laki never gives up. He holds onto his silliness. He can make you laugh, and it’ll bring him pure joy. His diagnosis will never define him.”

Super thanks to Super Laki and Super Parent Tia for sharing this story with us! 


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