Super Leila

A superhero defies all odds. A superhero has exceptional determination and out-of-this-world strength. A superhero uses his or her differences to remind others of their own superpowers.

This is the story of an Extraordinary superhero.

Super Leila was introduced to this world on February 19, 2015. Just 28 days after she arrived in her new home, Super Leila went into cardiac arrest. When the home nurse froze, Super Mom Toula quickly came to the rescue. She tried to do CPR and called 9-1-1. Super Leila stopped breathing for at least 10 minutes. She suffered a severe brain injury, but she lived.

An impossibly hard decision was given to Super Leila’s family: whether or not to turn Super Leila’s ventilator off and let her go. The world was not yet aware of how strong and willful of a fighter Super Leila is, but her family did. The doctors said that she would never recognize her mom. They said that she would never smile. They said that she would never have a purposeful life.

But she proved them all wrong!

Super Leila knows her mama! She smiles, cries, and shows emotion. She has a lot of favorite toys and things that she loves to do such as singing songs, cuddling, bright red balloons and Elmo.

There is a special aura about Super Leila. She makes you smile and fall in love with her the moment you meet her. She has such a strong willpower, and her strength makes those around her believe in their own capabilities and superpowers.

In Super Leila’s short 3.7 years, she has faced many challenges. Her diagnoses include CDH, severe brain injury, epilepsy, feeding intolerance, being non-mobile and nonverbal. But Super Leila has this spitfire energy. No matter how tired she is, or if she’s not feeling well, she always tries and gives her all. She surprises everyone that meets her.

Although she can’t communicate like most of us, she uses her strengths to communicate and connect with those around her.  

It is an honor to have Super Leila on our TinySuperheroes Squad. Her inspiring story and enchanting aura has traveled far and wide to positively affect thousands of others on the Squad. Thank you.

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